Monday, November 2, 2009

slow burn

i am the kinda girl who wants to get everything that i really want. and yes, i work for it, with passion. but why did you stop me? or should i say, why are you stopping me? why do you have to stop me from coloring my life? there are so many colors in the world, so, sometimes, i'd like them all. i'd like to paint my life with all the colors. but you want my life to be all white and blue. black and red ARE sometimes nice, and GREEN too. i know you have some red and black colors too, right? so why dont you just let me try? experience is the best teacher. without any experiences in my life, how could i taste what's sweet and what's bitter? its not fair for only you to have the experience. i am 18. and i have the curiosity but STILL, i know what's right and what's not. i can differentiate them PERFECTLY. but how can i grow up in living like this? ITS NOT EVEN FAIR AT ALL.

nways,thank you Haziq for cheering up my life :)

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