Saturday, November 28, 2009

three hundred and sixty five

seconds' changing to minutes
minutes' turning to hours
hours' leading to days.
as days passed by,
i keep on dreaming of the Star
my shining Rockstar,
my heart,
my other part of heart,
that is far away from my side,
and far enough from my sight.
a few pieces of texts wont heal me,
a few minutes of calls wont calm me,
and a few hours of stare would just kill me
b'coz the 12 numbers of the ticking clock
is not enough,
not enough to pay the distance that hurts.
but the lack of time wont change anything,
the lack of time wont kill my love,
as i love him more, each and everyday,
even when we're apart.

29 november 2009
1.34 a.m

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