Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the poison lips

sometimes, i mean, most of the times, i feel so annoyed with all the people around me who's trying to impress me. well i dont get impress to your fake smiles FYI. what does it takes for you to stop making me as your subject? what does it take for you to stop making me impressed with you* though im not very impressed at all*? it'd risk it all.seriously.

another words;
yea, i'm happy with my life now, and i'm damn regret for what i've done before. so don't laugh at my pasts and just support me for my future. you know how hard it takes for me to fix it all. its really hard for me to loose it all. all i want is just to be normal. not the person that i used to be. i just wanna be normal. with no people outside who notice me, so that i could live my life in peace and harmony.

and FYI,
i hate jackasses. so please just step away. i mean it ;)

i love you, H.

oh and my bestfriend, miss ayuni, get well soon. ilysm :-*

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