Friday, November 13, 2009


i woke up at 10 am. and the first thing that came out from my mind is, should i or should i not call?, then i just ignored my thoughts and took a pen and a piece of paper and draw some crappy things. but the drawings made me feel soooo sleepy, so i went back to sleep. then i woke up and its nearly 1. gosh! lambat gila aku bangun. couldnt do anything tho. coz there's nothing to do. so then i reluctantly got out of the bed and went to shower. sejam kot mandi. bosan je.haha.
then, i wasnt soo hungry so i didnt eat at the moment. online lah. ape lagi kan!
online punye online, dah bosan. tgok youtube pon da tatau nk tengok ape. then dengar jelah lagu kan. from grind core, to hardcore, to rock and roll, to blues, to country song and jazz. peh. sume aku dengar. then somehow a song from nickelback, this is how you remind me, reminds me of my pasts. then i seek for my photo albums and awwww~ i looked at the picture of mine when i was a lil baby. it was cute!*dammit. puji diri sendiri* the baby was totally a lot diff then when she'd grown up. and yea, i remember that when i was a lil baby, i didn't cry a lot. so my assumption is i am a SILENT girl. but when i grew older, the silentness has begun to fade.*HAHA.agree?
i remember when i was a lil girl, i used to wear dresses and took my mum's make up stuff. but when i grew older, i hate those. eh, now that i am getting more mature,*am i?* i started to want to have the feeling of liking those things back :)
i remember when i was a lil girl, my dad used to bring me along to his office and put me in a basket where he can hid me from his boss. and now, i barely know which one is my dad's office room :(
when i was a lil girl, i used to watch cartoons like, barney,sailormoon,thundercats*my mum tape it for me!* and saseme streets. but now, i barely watch tv. but sometimes i get addicted to gossip girl and 90210.
when i was a lil girl, i remember that i hate barbie dolls, coz i am scared if the dolls might eat me or, any unnecessary imaginations that a lil girl would imagined. but as i grew older, i like dolls :)
when i was a lil girl, i hate flowers and but i like dresses with flowers printed on it. but now its vice versa. i like flowers, especially white rose*love it so much* and i hate, i mean i dislike clothes with printed flowers on it.
when i remembered those things, it put a smile on my face. oh, how i've changed a lot. :)

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