Thursday, November 26, 2009

cows and goats

apart from Aidilfitri, muslims in all over the world also celebrate Aidiladha, or most commonly known in Malaysia as Hari Raya Haji or also Hari Raya Korban. it is celebrated 2 months after Aidilfitri that is on 10th Zulhijjah. Aidiladha also commemorates the sacrifices made by the prophet Abraham who demonstrated immense faith when he was put to the test by God. the prophet was commanded to to offer his only son for sacrifice. though it grieve him greatly, he made ready to perform the test. however, as he was about to strike his son, God stopped him and revealed that it was just a trial. his son's life was saved though it was changed to a ram. as such, during aidiladha, the sacrifice of animals, such as cows, goats, bulls, camels is performed. the meat is then divided to the poor and to everyone who pays for it. it is to be noted that this is not a compulsory religious duty but an obligation for those who are able to afford it.


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