Sunday, November 29, 2009


i have a few friends, that light up my light, that give me strength and lead my way.


well, she's the greatest. i've been friends with her for nearly 11 years. quite a long time. and she's the only friend that i am still with, since i first stepped myself into school till now. we've been through a lot of bittersweets in our lives. the laughters, the fights, the punishments, the fears, the glory, and everything. it's always her that's by my side. she was a very BISING and naughty girl in school. we did lots of bad things together. kan diya kan? XP we even had our own songs when we were little and damn i couldnt remember the songs coz i've lost the books. *haha* but as we're growing bigger and bigger, things has started to seperate us from ALWAYS being together. she has her own path and i have my own too. but regardless of our different paths, and the distance, we're still bestfriends no matter what. *loveyouloveyou* <3


well what do you know, we're bestfriends right? i used to ignore her when we were in primary school,*coz you're a prefect,which me and diya hate so much* but then again, when we've finished primary school and went to high school, things has started to change. we started to hang out like thousands of times a day and we're like sisters already. we've been through so much challenges. and yes, so many guys have passed. *LOL*  she's a very unpredictable girl,trust me, you wouldnt know what she's like inside. but i started to learn about her day by day and now i know her. tol tak yu? ever since we started to hang out together we are so so sooo close. everything that's hers is mine, and whats mine is hers too. but, not to a guy. *LOL* and yea, she's been my bestfriend for like 5 years plus. and i love her more than everything *muahmuah*


ok. well so this guy means a lot lot lot lot to me. i tell you why. i met him when we, diya,ayu,rafi,rais,him and aizat, went out for a movie. well i didnt know him at first. he was, i mean, is, a shy guy, with unspoken words who's always acts cool. i was like, damn this guy macam gila hot. *gatal* but then i didnt get the chance to, you know, have him. so, yeah, lets be friends. friends,friends,friends. for quite some time,the six of us has been hanging out a lot, and we were like so close to each other. and that's when i started to get to know him better. :) so days passed by and i just have to keep my feelings towards him by myself and go on my life with some jackasses.*it was so stupid of me* then i was like so down like hell, it was all gloomy and darkness that surrounded me. but then he came, as a hero*ceh* to save my soul. well, what would you say if your bestfriend says that he loves you? i was fucking speechless, but i was excitedly happy. and now, he's my special, i mean, the most special best boy friend i ever had.he always makes me laugh,i mean all the time *aku sangat penat ok gelak2.haha* nothing that could represent my thanks to you, and, i love you always,gemok :) *winkwink*


pelik tapi benar. i dont have a picture with you lah fi! haha. sorryyy. so rafi. hmm, he's diya's beloved, that is how i know him. well, obviously, he is a very kind-hearted person sbb sangat2 supportive *damn jangan bangga ok* and sometimes, he is funny because of his words. i do like to see them, rafi and diya being together coz they are like the sweetest thing ever. oh, rafi is my bf's bestest friend, sebab diorg adalah GAY. cium2, peluk2. ewwwww. i'm just so lucky to have a friend like him, as there's no one that could replace a kind-hearted guy like you. *hugs*


he is hot,awesome,cool and cute! tapi budak2 lagi. haha. i was amazed when i first saw him playing the six strings machine. i barely hang out with him coz he's busy with school and stuff but after ni he'll be free from school and hello savvy! haha. he is a brother of a rockstar. so everytime dye pakai baju abang dye org kasut abang dye org whatever, i just feel like i want to kiss it, you know. sebab rockstar kan. haha. rais is a very wierd guy though. sebab suke nyanyi sorg2 and senyum sorang. well he's sometimes a bit blurrrrr. but tetap comel dan macam rockstar *pokpok*


the 2nd person that i met on my first day there!sangat cepat kan kte berkenalan. thanks to Abid and Sarip.*hugsss* he's a guys with full of thoughts and words. i hate it when he's heart is broken coz he doesnt deserve to be broken. * lets kill miss.M shall we?* so nway, he understands me, A LOT. . thankyouthankyouthankyou. he's my closest guy friend in college as we're in the same class and in the same mentoring group and plus, we have this same thoughs about music, life, and people. mirol,there's still some years that we have to get through, so be tough my friend :)

halve and bob

they are the first outsiders that i met when i was in the second week there. my first thought of halve was, wey dye ni macam bapak orang lah, macam perogol pon ade. but then when i started to get to know him, he is a nice guy and a very concern friend. thankyousoomuch. we have the same thoughts on music and what makes me adore to be his friend is that he has this cool band named Evidence Speaks,screamo, and i really2 like the songs. seriously. takde tipu2. since then, i hang out with em and Halve's bandmates a lot when i'm off campus. they're a good friends, not to forget some others like, Man, Paan and Pete. bob pulak, is a funny guy yang suke bajet comel. haha. and yeah, he's a good brother, sume benda tak berkira. tengkiutengkiu. *huggsss*. come to think of it, diorg ni sume dah tua! so, dah macam guardians aku kat sana. *joke*


wok is the greatest! for those who hates him, tolonglah get to know him. he's a funny guy and really really nice. dye sangat2 rajin, he never missed a class. and how dare some of you say that he's stupid and tak blaja. duhh~ pointer dye lagi tinggi dari kau kot. whatever. anyway, he always marah me when i didnt come to class and when i keep on talking about this guy and this guy and this guy. i know it annoys you, sorry wok. hee~ ohh and im so so glad that you've found your angel :)

gossip girls

I AM EXCITED THAT I HAVE THIS SO MUCH OF GIRL FRIENDSSSS :)) and these girls, are so so cool. fatin nabilah, fatin surayya, fatin nadirah, alea, syafika, jiha, yus, myra and intan. sangat2 best kawan dgn mereka. oh and yeah, everyday is always our hot topics. ade saje gossip nak dicerita. it doesnt matter where we are, mesti stop untuk bergossip for hours and hours and hours. one day is not enough to tell all the gossip, right girls? haha. and seriously they are veryvery nice to me. thankyouu. babe, kite study rajin2 and dapatkan 4 flat so kompem2 lah bole kalahkan gojes kan*which until now takde sape tau result dye brape* stay friends! *lovelovelove*


oh thanks to mister oren a.k.a mono the times, a.k.a gemok a.k.a budak london sebab introduce me to this very kind-hearted person. oh and what do you know, we hate the same jackassssss! and we share lots of stories and problems and laughters together and now kami macam dah rapat2 kan kankan.oh and now dye dah dengan budak kecik.opss.haha. *huggsss* i'll make sure that i will have plenty of time with youuu *muahmuah*

oh and yes without them, i am nothing in this world. thank you friends *muahmuahmuah*
oh and to those whom i didnt mention their names above; ferol,shuttle,eiqa,nana,qis,qilah,panjang,mas syafiqah,madihah,nadia,fellow classmates,ex-classmates and the list goes on, korang pon best jugak *winkwink*

popcorn and coke

okay. so sangat2 ramai orang yg rajen blogging yg akan tulis review pasal cite ni. well, overall, i give 3/5 stars lah. oh and yea, aku akan choose vampire compared to warewolf sebab vampire tu *kononnye* lives forever and warewolf kalu kene tembak komfem lah mati an. and plus, bak kate si Handsome Valensi, warewolf asek pakai suar bundle je sebab ble dye nak tuka jd serigala mesti suar dye koyak. tapi mmg for sure lah takde vampire kat dunia ni kan. so i choose mr.Haziq. *gatal* haha. it was a-not-so-very-interesting story coz tak berapa menarik ending dye sebab it ends just like that. kompem2 ade sambungan lah kan. so, tunggu jela yg seterusnye. :)
thanks ayu, fi and ajik sebab tgok movie same2. *muahmuah*

Saturday, November 28, 2009

three hundred and sixty five

seconds' changing to minutes
minutes' turning to hours
hours' leading to days.
as days passed by,
i keep on dreaming of the Star
my shining Rockstar,
my heart,
my other part of heart,
that is far away from my side,
and far enough from my sight.
a few pieces of texts wont heal me,
a few minutes of calls wont calm me,
and a few hours of stare would just kill me
b'coz the 12 numbers of the ticking clock
is not enough,
not enough to pay the distance that hurts.
but the lack of time wont change anything,
the lack of time wont kill my love,
as i love him more, each and everyday,
even when we're apart.

29 november 2009
1.34 a.m

Thursday, November 26, 2009

cows and goats

apart from Aidilfitri, muslims in all over the world also celebrate Aidiladha, or most commonly known in Malaysia as Hari Raya Haji or also Hari Raya Korban. it is celebrated 2 months after Aidilfitri that is on 10th Zulhijjah. Aidiladha also commemorates the sacrifices made by the prophet Abraham who demonstrated immense faith when he was put to the test by God. the prophet was commanded to to offer his only son for sacrifice. though it grieve him greatly, he made ready to perform the test. however, as he was about to strike his son, God stopped him and revealed that it was just a trial. his son's life was saved though it was changed to a ram. as such, during aidiladha, the sacrifice of animals, such as cows, goats, bulls, camels is performed. the meat is then divided to the poor and to everyone who pays for it. it is to be noted that this is not a compulsory religious duty but an obligation for those who are able to afford it.


Jia O'connor is myboyfriend. get it?!

aritu da jumpe luke pritchard malaysia. skang ni aku jumpe Jia O'connor malaysia pulak. bapak stylo sial mamat dari band vice versa ni main bass. memang sebijik cam Jia. dahlamain lagu feveret aku Carrion,by Parkway Drive. Mmg stylo wey. bukan senang nk main lagu parkway an. sedap weyy hadbanging an. semangat je aku dok dpn. gig aritu mmg sgt penat. tragic of hermia, evidence speaks, dan daarchela mmg gempak gila babi.
tapi kalu Jia O'connor malaysia  ni takde peminat lagi, aku la org first jd fan dye. haha. Boneyards satu!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009


reti guna dictionary kan? or nak aku ajar?
kalau tak reti guna dictionary, mintak tolong cikgu kau ajar camne nak guna. malu bertanya sesat jalan tau.
setahu aku lah kan, sebab aku kadang-kadang bukak jugak dictionary, or lebih dikenali sebagai kamus, and tau lah guna dictionary sebab dulu kat skolah dulu cikgu aku da ajar camne nak guna dictionary tu. so, ape yang aku bace lah kat dictionary tu kan, stalk tu bermaksud mengikut, dalam bahasa inggerisnya pula *selain stem* bermaksud follow or approach steathily and quietly
eh, ke aku salah? ade dictionary lain cakap stalk tu maksudnye rampas eh? oh. dictionary baru kot. aku tak beli lagi. nnt lah aku beli ye.

p/s: come on lah. aku baru 2nd sem kot blaja. belum jadi cikgu lagi and plus, belum 21 lagi. buat ape nak mature cepat2? mature cepat, tua pon cepat. tol?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

welcome back

semalam aku ke campus. amik result. ramai sangat orang. sesak macam biasa. fakulti aku penuh dgn org yang menunggu giliran untuk amik result masing2. aku dari Seremban rushing2 naik ktm, teksi sume, sampai2 je da lunch break.babi. penat je. tp nasib baik aku sampai2 je first thing that calms me down is aku nampak Mirol, Wok dan Fatin Sue. aku excited. lame tak jumpa. then sebab lunch break, kitorang pon pergilah minam2 kat Ali jap. pastu, dah abes lunch break, aku dan Syafika bersama Eiqa pergilah ke campus dgn cuaknye nak amik result. damn. kene amik nombor pulak. lame douh nak kene tunggu. kat luar tu, aku dengan eiqa sebok dok kire2 possibility pointer aku brape. maklumlah. cuak pnye pasal kan. tak confident langsung aku akan dapat brape. paling aku cuak subjek Intro to IT in education dan Islamic studies. mcam fail je.ish.
yess! my turn!
masuklah dalam bilik tu.
tunggu.dan tunggu.dan tunggu.
Najihah Roslan.
man, cuaknye.brape lah aku dapat kan.
*awak pergi kat account department pastu active kan ID.
sial. aku ingt da siap da sume. aku dengan muke sabar pegilah acc department dgn eiqa. peh, ramai sial orang. dgn budak2 PTPTN lagi. budak private lagi. ni lah masalahnye kalau masok universiti swasta yang tak maju. huh.
amik nombor lagi.
babi. dah 15minit aku tunggu. spatutnye lane aku tak lah ramai orang.
so aku pon cutting jela. rupenye nombor yg aku dapat tadi dah lame da lepas. siot je wey. seb bek abg tu buat aku punye kejap je.
gerak lah balik untuk g amik result. malas aku nak amik nombor. aku terus masok je dlm bilik tu.
Najihah Roslan.
yess! aku pass. 3.04.
it was okay lah kan? untuk first sem. ok je tu.haha
aku pon keluar dengan muke senyum2 kambing.
thanks eiqa.kau buat aku confident.
then, aku tau2 je mentor aku lak sakit. so dye kene balik awal.
damn. aku tak buat registration lagi ni.camne douh?kene datang jumpe dye hari Jumaat pulak. the only day.weyy, aku balik hari kot.
Alea pulak datang. kesian dye tak bwk ID.
then aku balik rumah, kene pumpangpumpang sume, pegi pasar malam dengan ayu dan ajik.
ayu belanje kitorang Mekdi wey. *muahmuah ayu*
balik tu, aku tido awal. tp terbangun kul 11.30mlm.
tau2 je free call aku da abes. damn. takpelah. what to do. tido lagi bagus.

kat campus semalam, aku nampak. tp aku buat2 tak nampak.slalunye, kalu dulu, time kawan2 dulu, bile nmpak aku je, mesti dye ketuk pale aku. saket. tp tu mmg dye. tp skang, GO TO HELL. aku tak maafkan kau mr.K. the lies aren't acceptable.

big clap for my classmates yg dapat Dean's list. *bangge la tu amir*


i smiled when i looked at the paper.
i smiled when i looked at the score that i've got with my very own effort.
but you didn't smile.
you didn't.
you put tears on my face.
i thought you were going to say the 'C' word, or at least
say that you're A BIT proud of me.
but you never were.
eventhough i think i improved a lot from the very past years
but you didnt think so.
why? why did you yelled?
i was speechless when you said those to me.
i was. and i still am now.
and why did you ever get so fuck up with the numbers?
obviously, i didn't get 1 or 2. but i got 3.
and plus, it was my first year, first semester, and i had a very difficult days during my exam.
you never know.
i know i was careless. but i was. i am not now.
i promise i'll be more aware.
and i'll promise i'll give you more. not just 3 but 4 and if there's 5, i'll give you 5.
i dont care if you dont believe me or whatever. but im gonna prove it and lets see what you'll say next.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

piggy fight

biar aku nk masak lomak cili api jap yo.

Babi. Nak stalk bf org lak an. Come on lah wey. Kautakde bf sendiri ke nak stalk. Ke bf kau da mls nk layan kau? Sian kau kan. Ade bf tp dye mls lyn kau. Tu sebab kau g carik bf org pastu nk stalking2 kan. Aku tak kesah la kan kau nk stalk bf sape2 pon tp tayah ar nk kecoh bgtau org yg kau still syg org tu kan. Mmg bangang la kau ni. Da terang2 kau dok taip ari2 kat blog kau tu pasal bf kau je manjang. Smpai goli bai bulu roma den ni ha. Da togak bona da. Stim abeh lah. Takpek nak togak lg da bulu roma den ni ha. Goli bona. Pastu kau dok ckp kat org yg kau syg laa bagai kat orang lame. Weyyy. *snapping fingers* kecewa douh bf kau kalu dye tau. Ke bf kau da tak syg kau? Tu yg kau nk crik spepat tu eh? Sial je. Forget about him lah. Tu bf kau tu, elok je utk kau. Mmg sesuai lah. Aku pon tanak laki cm dye. Kau je yg nak. Cengeng nk mampos. Pakai same pon nk kecoh. Ape org ckp pasal korg pon nk kecoh, and the most important thing is, gado sbb rindu kat mak pon nak kecoh. *yucks*. Whatever. Obviously lah kan, org yg kau dok syg2 ni totally different dari bf kau skang. and mine is wayyy more better than yours. plus, kau tak paham lagi ke yg dye benci gila babi kat kau. ke kau nak aku translate kan? he hates you. he's fucking hate you. get it?good girl *pok pok*. sian douh kau. period pon nk kecoh2 kat blog. bukan aku nk salahkan kau nk tules ape pon kat blog kau kan, tp bukan ke sepatutnyelah kan, mengikut agama,*even aku yg tak kuat agama ni pon tau* benda tu supposedly kene keep it secret. tayah nk heboh2 de. tak elok. nnt org yg jahat senang nk kenekan kite. tol? and plus, kau tak malu ke weyy? senang je kalu kau ckp kau punye$*^%$ berdarah. tayah nk cover2. takpe
wey. kau tayah sebok nak jage tepi kain org. awek dye tauu lah camne nak jage dye. kau tayah risau. sume ditanggung beres. kau tu, sile jage bf kau. jgnlah smpai dye lari kat org lain pulakkan. kang aku mls ar nk dgr cite pasal kau bunuh diri sebab bf kau curang ke ape an.

p/s: STAY AWAY. *annoyed*


now lets talk about cendol shall we?

pada asalnya, cendol ini adalah makanan pencuci mulut tradisional negara Indonesia dan kini, makanan lazat ini telahpon popular dalam kalangan rakyat Malaysia, Singapura dan juga Thailand. bahan-bahan asas yang terkandung dalam pencuci mulut ini adalah; santan, gula merah dan benda yg warne ijau tu*its what you call it as cendol*. kemudiannye, cendol ini telah dilazatkan dan ditambahbaikkan dengan diletakkan ais yg telah dikisar, kacang merah, pulut, jagung dan macam2 lagi.

biasanya, cendol dijual di tepi-tepi jalan supaya pelanggan senang untuk berenti, park kereta dan lepak minum cendol jap. dan lagi bestnye, kat malaysia ni, cendol ade jugak slalu dijual di pasar-pasar malam kat tempat-tempat korg, takpon food court kat giant tu. ade je kan.

selalunye, orang akan minum atau makan cendol ti waktu tengahari sebab tengahari kan panas. so bila dpt cendol yg sejuk dan lazat tu, baru lah otak tak berapa serabut kan. cendol pon tak lah mahal sgt.

kalau cendol biasa*without red beans, or corns or wtevr* hargenye dalam rm1.00.

kalau cm cendol pulut yg sedap tu, hargenye dalam rm1.80

kalau cendol jagung, harge nye dalam rm1.50 cmtu

tak mahal kan? rokok lagi mahal. LOL

kalau ade lah tempat2 yg fancy2 yg jual cendol smpai rm4.00 semangkuk tu, jangan la beli. sebab tu kompem tak sedap. aku penah kene gak dulu. tengah sangap cendol, pastu nmpak la cendol. harge agak cekik darah. dalam rm2.30 tak silap aku. aku pon nk tanak beli jela kan. skali rase cm taik laa plak kan. mmg aku tanak laa beli lagi yg mahal2. bek beli kat tepi2 jalan je

tapi pelikkan, asalnye cendol datang dari Indonesia tp kenapa ramai mamak2 je yg jual cendol? diorg dulu tok nenek moyang diorg org indon eh? pelik aku. at first aku ingt mmg org mamak yg cipta bende alah ni. rupenye tak. ish2.

nways, pada anda2 yg tak pernah seumur idop korg rase makanan yg lazat ni, cube2 lah rase. sodap weyy.


the poison lips

sometimes, i mean, most of the times, i feel so annoyed with all the people around me who's trying to impress me. well i dont get impress to your fake smiles FYI. what does it takes for you to stop making me as your subject? what does it take for you to stop making me impressed with you* though im not very impressed at all*? it'd risk it all.seriously.

another words;
yea, i'm happy with my life now, and i'm damn regret for what i've done before. so don't laugh at my pasts and just support me for my future. you know how hard it takes for me to fix it all. its really hard for me to loose it all. all i want is just to be normal. not the person that i used to be. i just wanna be normal. with no people outside who notice me, so that i could live my life in peace and harmony.

and FYI,
i hate jackasses. so please just step away. i mean it ;)

i love you, H.

oh and my bestfriend, miss ayuni, get well soon. ilysm :-*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


18th November 2009.

apsal aku tak nervous? oh, sebab ini bukan tarikh keramat aku!
those who are born in 1992 will be sooo nervous about this.

aku pon cuak kot kalau SPM.
so anyways, good luck y'all! make sure that you remember everything that you've studied so far and everything that you teachers have taught you.
to my closest friend who will be sitting in this exam, Rais and Aisa, BEST OF LUCK i wish to you :)and yea to all of my juniors, and blah blah blah, good luck too

Monday, November 16, 2009


the thoughts of writing this just came out when i was in shower ;)

another day,another drama
another romantic lies,
another fake smiles.
the karma circle
wouldn't stop spinning
the sins for the sinners
will ever increasing.
another wonderful day
will not be seen,
aother pain and hatred will be obviously
what else can i say,
but to only pray.
what else can i say,
but to sit and wait,
for the summer day to become winter,
for this darkest hour to become lighter.
its just another day with yesterday,
and another day with
"IF tomorrow comes"

Friday, November 13, 2009


asal keluar je rumah time2 awal pagi, tak pon lunch hour tak pon time orang baru habis kerja, mesti jem. kadang-kadang aku terfikir, mane datangnye banyak2 kete ni, padahal tempat taklah besar mane, tapi jam nye, teramat lah banyak kereta.
pencipta kereta pertama adalah Guido da Vigevano(1335). kemudiannya after a few years later, datanglah pencipta-pencipta lain seperti Thomas Newcomen, Thomas Savery etc, untuk mencipta enjin. tapi yang dapat nama adalah James Watt.
so stop talking about history.
kalu mamat2 ni sume tak buat kereta, enjin sume, kite mesti jalan naik kuda je kan? mesti best gila. tak payah garu-garu kepala pikir duit minyak, pasal harga minyak naik, pasal nak nak cat-cat kereta. tak payah. membazir duit je kan. jadi sume orang tak perlu lah menipis kan lapisan ozon. betul? tapi maybe agak susah lah sebab walaupun kuda tu macam laju, tapi dye tu hidupan gak kan, dye penat bawak korg yg berat2 tu. so mesti nk rest. jadi perjalanan mungkin akan lambat. contoh kalau dari seremban nak ke JB naik kereta dalam 3 jam saje, tapi kalu naik kuda maybe dalam 5 jam ke. kalau nk g perlis camne? monangeh kuda tu wey. and plus, kuda pon paling banyak bole bawak 2 org je kan. dye bukannye macam estima ke, naza ria ke, alphard ke bol bwk smpai 8 org kan. skali 4 org naik kuda tu, kompem pengsan wey dye. sian.
so letak lah kereta kuda blakang dye?
same je. dye gak nak kene tarik korg. semakin berat, semakin lembab. betol kan hipotesis aku?cube kalau korg main tarik2 daun pelepah tu, kalu yg duduk atas daun tu adek korg yg umur 3 tahun comel2 tu, mmg laju jela kau tarik kan. cube kalau org kat biggest loser tu duduk atas pelepah tu, mmg tak terdaya lah kau btol?
takpe. kuda kan kuat. bole je.
pandai lahh kau. dye pon hidupan jugak. ade limit gak energy dye. remember?
so, mmg bagus lah pencipta-pencipta kereta dan enjin dan sebagainye ini. sebab diorg meringan kan beban kuda. tp it doesnt mean korg*kuda* diabaikan okay. jangan merajuk. tu bnyk je kawan2 kau main racing2. kau joinlah :)

blog and friendship

oh mr.K i just read your blog today, well i dont know why it came up from my mind to read yours. but yeah, OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER. and its not my fault for making it over. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS FUCKING STUPID. i guess you have read on what i posted before about SECRET. and i REALLY HOPE that you wont do the same you did to me to your other honourable friends. because, just so you know, it hurts a lot, its like u shoot me to my heart and the bullet stays. until now i still can feel the bullet that stucked in my heart. and yes, THEY HATE YOU TOO.and they are with me now. thanks for your nice and good behaviour. well my thought of you aren't the same anymore. and sorry to say, I REGRET BEING YOUR FRIEND, MR.K. aku tak heran lah tak dpt kawan macam kau. tak rugi langsung. LANGSUNG. ramai lagi lah good friends. and i hope, your friends just love having you as a friend,sebab kalau tak kan, kesian kan kau takde orang yg sayang kau. :)
have a nice day, LOSER!
oh and, spoiling me wont make you get even better. you'll see.
its jiher that you're dealing with. xoxo


i woke up at 10 am. and the first thing that came out from my mind is, should i or should i not call?, then i just ignored my thoughts and took a pen and a piece of paper and draw some crappy things. but the drawings made me feel soooo sleepy, so i went back to sleep. then i woke up and its nearly 1. gosh! lambat gila aku bangun. couldnt do anything tho. coz there's nothing to do. so then i reluctantly got out of the bed and went to shower. sejam kot mandi. bosan je.haha.
then, i wasnt soo hungry so i didnt eat at the moment. online lah. ape lagi kan!
online punye online, dah bosan. tgok youtube pon da tatau nk tengok ape. then dengar jelah lagu kan. from grind core, to hardcore, to rock and roll, to blues, to country song and jazz. peh. sume aku dengar. then somehow a song from nickelback, this is how you remind me, reminds me of my pasts. then i seek for my photo albums and awwww~ i looked at the picture of mine when i was a lil baby. it was cute!*dammit. puji diri sendiri* the baby was totally a lot diff then when she'd grown up. and yea, i remember that when i was a lil baby, i didn't cry a lot. so my assumption is i am a SILENT girl. but when i grew older, the silentness has begun to fade.*HAHA.agree?
i remember when i was a lil girl, i used to wear dresses and took my mum's make up stuff. but when i grew older, i hate those. eh, now that i am getting more mature,*am i?* i started to want to have the feeling of liking those things back :)
i remember when i was a lil girl, my dad used to bring me along to his office and put me in a basket where he can hid me from his boss. and now, i barely know which one is my dad's office room :(
when i was a lil girl, i used to watch cartoons like, barney,sailormoon,thundercats*my mum tape it for me!* and saseme streets. but now, i barely watch tv. but sometimes i get addicted to gossip girl and 90210.
when i was a lil girl, i remember that i hate barbie dolls, coz i am scared if the dolls might eat me or, any unnecessary imaginations that a lil girl would imagined. but as i grew older, i like dolls :)
when i was a lil girl, i hate flowers and but i like dresses with flowers printed on it. but now its vice versa. i like flowers, especially white rose*love it so much* and i hate, i mean i dislike clothes with printed flowers on it.
when i remembered those things, it put a smile on my face. oh, how i've changed a lot. :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sometimes i just wish i could fly up in the sky, where i could see everything below me
and no one can see me
sometimes i wish i could stop being me,spoiling things that shouldn't be spoilt
sometimes how i wish i could have a time for myself to figure out what in the world is happening to myself
sometimes i wish i could stop the wars and make everything just as peacefull as everyone wanted to be
sometimes i wish i could make everyone likes me, but they couldn't because of variation.
sometimes, i just wish things would always get just okay, but somehow it will turn out to be a windy day.
somehow, i couldn't say what i wanted to say
i couldn't dream what i wanted to dream
i couldn't get what i desire
and i couldn't stop being me

forgiveness will slow things down


i am really really amazed with these youtube artists. they are very talented and wayyy much better than some of our performers nowadays. all they do is just put on the camera or webby and get a guitar or piano or the easiest, just play the karaoke song and sing! and most of em have a very very amazing voice. you should check em out!

- Ana Free
- Allysa Bernal
- Mellisa Polinaru
- Marie Digby
- Boyce Avenue

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

meant to be

slowly stars go out each night
dark meets light,
kiss the sun goodnight
new day comes as though life's just begun
you're now mine

and everytime you hold my hand
there's an understanding of who i am
new life is born, unlike before
i'm now yours

you can feel it in the summer breeze
tonight, the world's at ease

you are the one for me
after all the waiting i can finally breathe
earth and sky say what they may
i will love you all throughout my days
happiness happens when our hearts combine
when its you i'm with i come alive
its just so clear to see
darling, we are meant to be

your love is like amazing grace
sound so sweet i can almost taste
i've been given more
than what i could ever ask for
i am yours

i can feel it in the summer breeze
tonight, the world's at ease

i feel at home whenever you're around
i feel so secure, so safe and sound
what else can i say?

melissa polinar

Monday, November 9, 2009

triple H <3

he is incredibly astoundingly amazing :)

dead men's chest

we cant just run away from everything.we cant just hide ourselves from facing the things that we dont want to face.people say that eventhough it is very difficult to handle, but the guts will help you to get through it all. but i still dont have the guts and the courageness to face them all. it shivers me all the time and blocked the smile on my face. its so heavy to be carried, so big to be swallowed and so hard to be explained in words.and what do you know, time makes us feel more miserable and haunted by them. they surround us even when we dont wanna be surrounded by anything, and haunt us each and every second of our lives. i just have to figure out this puzzle and really hoping that everything will be safely solved.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the Yellows and the Reds

so as it is said, Negeri Sembilan won the game. i was happy too sebab dapat cuti.

tahniah orang kampung. den banggo ni ha :)

Friday, November 6, 2009



so who's gonna win? negeri sembilan or kelantan?

the game will be held on 7th November 2009 at the Stadium of Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur.

but sadly, i couldn't come to watch the game as i dont have money to earn the ticket. ajik, ayu and rafi will be there and i hope Negeri Sembilan will earn the glory. best of luck!!!!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

london bridge

i had a great day like always.he made me face one of my fears, and its a terrible thing to do. but i do love you tho. more than you ever know :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


i should trust those whom i love. and should have no doubts on them. especially Him. coz i know he's being honest to me. mr.Tomorrow, i dont want you to come, i just want mr.Today and mr.Yesterday to be here. coz tomorrow he'll not be around, and i'm gonna miss him the most. :(

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

look what you've done

im so so glad that you're here. so so glad that you came into my so glad that we are together. you color my life. i just love you wayyy more. oh and thanks for the use somebody, look what you've done and the bucket lessons. its really fun having you through the sessions.

p/s: i have a new disease, the H fever. :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

slow burn

i am the kinda girl who wants to get everything that i really want. and yes, i work for it, with passion. but why did you stop me? or should i say, why are you stopping me? why do you have to stop me from coloring my life? there are so many colors in the world, so, sometimes, i'd like them all. i'd like to paint my life with all the colors. but you want my life to be all white and blue. black and red ARE sometimes nice, and GREEN too. i know you have some red and black colors too, right? so why dont you just let me try? experience is the best teacher. without any experiences in my life, how could i taste what's sweet and what's bitter? its not fair for only you to have the experience. i am 18. and i have the curiosity but STILL, i know what's right and what's not. i can differentiate them PERFECTLY. but how can i grow up in living like this? ITS NOT EVEN FAIR AT ALL.

nways,thank you Haziq for cheering up my life :)