Sunday, November 29, 2009


i have a few friends, that light up my light, that give me strength and lead my way.


well, she's the greatest. i've been friends with her for nearly 11 years. quite a long time. and she's the only friend that i am still with, since i first stepped myself into school till now. we've been through a lot of bittersweets in our lives. the laughters, the fights, the punishments, the fears, the glory, and everything. it's always her that's by my side. she was a very BISING and naughty girl in school. we did lots of bad things together. kan diya kan? XP we even had our own songs when we were little and damn i couldnt remember the songs coz i've lost the books. *haha* but as we're growing bigger and bigger, things has started to seperate us from ALWAYS being together. she has her own path and i have my own too. but regardless of our different paths, and the distance, we're still bestfriends no matter what. *loveyouloveyou* <3


well what do you know, we're bestfriends right? i used to ignore her when we were in primary school,*coz you're a prefect,which me and diya hate so much* but then again, when we've finished primary school and went to high school, things has started to change. we started to hang out like thousands of times a day and we're like sisters already. we've been through so much challenges. and yes, so many guys have passed. *LOL*  she's a very unpredictable girl,trust me, you wouldnt know what she's like inside. but i started to learn about her day by day and now i know her. tol tak yu? ever since we started to hang out together we are so so sooo close. everything that's hers is mine, and whats mine is hers too. but, not to a guy. *LOL* and yea, she's been my bestfriend for like 5 years plus. and i love her more than everything *muahmuah*


ok. well so this guy means a lot lot lot lot to me. i tell you why. i met him when we, diya,ayu,rafi,rais,him and aizat, went out for a movie. well i didnt know him at first. he was, i mean, is, a shy guy, with unspoken words who's always acts cool. i was like, damn this guy macam gila hot. *gatal* but then i didnt get the chance to, you know, have him. so, yeah, lets be friends. friends,friends,friends. for quite some time,the six of us has been hanging out a lot, and we were like so close to each other. and that's when i started to get to know him better. :) so days passed by and i just have to keep my feelings towards him by myself and go on my life with some jackasses.*it was so stupid of me* then i was like so down like hell, it was all gloomy and darkness that surrounded me. but then he came, as a hero*ceh* to save my soul. well, what would you say if your bestfriend says that he loves you? i was fucking speechless, but i was excitedly happy. and now, he's my special, i mean, the most special best boy friend i ever had.he always makes me laugh,i mean all the time *aku sangat penat ok gelak2.haha* nothing that could represent my thanks to you, and, i love you always,gemok :) *winkwink*


pelik tapi benar. i dont have a picture with you lah fi! haha. sorryyy. so rafi. hmm, he's diya's beloved, that is how i know him. well, obviously, he is a very kind-hearted person sbb sangat2 supportive *damn jangan bangga ok* and sometimes, he is funny because of his words. i do like to see them, rafi and diya being together coz they are like the sweetest thing ever. oh, rafi is my bf's bestest friend, sebab diorg adalah GAY. cium2, peluk2. ewwwww. i'm just so lucky to have a friend like him, as there's no one that could replace a kind-hearted guy like you. *hugs*


he is hot,awesome,cool and cute! tapi budak2 lagi. haha. i was amazed when i first saw him playing the six strings machine. i barely hang out with him coz he's busy with school and stuff but after ni he'll be free from school and hello savvy! haha. he is a brother of a rockstar. so everytime dye pakai baju abang dye org kasut abang dye org whatever, i just feel like i want to kiss it, you know. sebab rockstar kan. haha. rais is a very wierd guy though. sebab suke nyanyi sorg2 and senyum sorang. well he's sometimes a bit blurrrrr. but tetap comel dan macam rockstar *pokpok*


the 2nd person that i met on my first day there!sangat cepat kan kte berkenalan. thanks to Abid and Sarip.*hugsss* he's a guys with full of thoughts and words. i hate it when he's heart is broken coz he doesnt deserve to be broken. * lets kill miss.M shall we?* so nway, he understands me, A LOT. . thankyouthankyouthankyou. he's my closest guy friend in college as we're in the same class and in the same mentoring group and plus, we have this same thoughs about music, life, and people. mirol,there's still some years that we have to get through, so be tough my friend :)

halve and bob

they are the first outsiders that i met when i was in the second week there. my first thought of halve was, wey dye ni macam bapak orang lah, macam perogol pon ade. but then when i started to get to know him, he is a nice guy and a very concern friend. thankyousoomuch. we have the same thoughts on music and what makes me adore to be his friend is that he has this cool band named Evidence Speaks,screamo, and i really2 like the songs. seriously. takde tipu2. since then, i hang out with em and Halve's bandmates a lot when i'm off campus. they're a good friends, not to forget some others like, Man, Paan and Pete. bob pulak, is a funny guy yang suke bajet comel. haha. and yeah, he's a good brother, sume benda tak berkira. tengkiutengkiu. *huggsss*. come to think of it, diorg ni sume dah tua! so, dah macam guardians aku kat sana. *joke*


wok is the greatest! for those who hates him, tolonglah get to know him. he's a funny guy and really really nice. dye sangat2 rajin, he never missed a class. and how dare some of you say that he's stupid and tak blaja. duhh~ pointer dye lagi tinggi dari kau kot. whatever. anyway, he always marah me when i didnt come to class and when i keep on talking about this guy and this guy and this guy. i know it annoys you, sorry wok. hee~ ohh and im so so glad that you've found your angel :)

gossip girls

I AM EXCITED THAT I HAVE THIS SO MUCH OF GIRL FRIENDSSSS :)) and these girls, are so so cool. fatin nabilah, fatin surayya, fatin nadirah, alea, syafika, jiha, yus, myra and intan. sangat2 best kawan dgn mereka. oh and yeah, everyday is always our hot topics. ade saje gossip nak dicerita. it doesnt matter where we are, mesti stop untuk bergossip for hours and hours and hours. one day is not enough to tell all the gossip, right girls? haha. and seriously they are veryvery nice to me. thankyouu. babe, kite study rajin2 and dapatkan 4 flat so kompem2 lah bole kalahkan gojes kan*which until now takde sape tau result dye brape* stay friends! *lovelovelove*


oh thanks to mister oren a.k.a mono the times, a.k.a gemok a.k.a budak london sebab introduce me to this very kind-hearted person. oh and what do you know, we hate the same jackassssss! and we share lots of stories and problems and laughters together and now kami macam dah rapat2 kan kankan.oh and now dye dah dengan budak kecik.opss.haha. *huggsss* i'll make sure that i will have plenty of time with youuu *muahmuah*

oh and yes without them, i am nothing in this world. thank you friends *muahmuahmuah*
oh and to those whom i didnt mention their names above; ferol,shuttle,eiqa,nana,qis,qilah,panjang,mas syafiqah,madihah,nadia,fellow classmates,ex-classmates and the list goes on, korang pon best jugak *winkwink*


  1. yo peace yo..
    ponat ko golak?
    xpo den wek lawak dah

  2. hahaha. takdo makno eh. aku tetap gelak gak. cmne skang.

  3. yeah..
    thx jiher..
    i'll try me best to be tough..
    kau na dgr cte x? jgn bunuh dy, cyan dy ksedehan..
    she did hold me hand yesterday..

  4. mirol!!!!! i didnt know that you're actually read my blog! ahaha. nway, sumpah??? bila douh? and may i know where the hell are you now??? MACAM TAK PENAH DATANG KELAS OKAYYYYY!!!


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