Thursday, December 3, 2009

thursday ;)

i woke up at 11am, an hour before the class starts. had a loooong talk with Ajik last night.wewittt! :)
anyway, after getting myself prepared, i walked myself towards my campus. so supposedly, my class schedule for today was suppose to be like this:

- Presentation skills: 12.00-1.00pm (1 hour)
- Philosophy of education: 2.00-4.00pm (2 hours)
- Sociology of education: 4.00-7.00pm (2 hours)

BUT, fuckingly, there was this one student who I DONT KNOW WHERE THE HELL DOES SHE COME FROM, said that she has class ape ntah so macam kena tuka schedule. SIAL. so i was like "so?kau sorang je kan. tayah kecoh" and the lecturer was like "okay, so lets change it a lil bit shall we?" and the suggestion of the classes for today were said to be like this:

-Presentation skills: 12.00-1.00pm (1 hour)
- Philosophy of education: 1.00-4.00pm (3 hours)
- Sociology of education: 4.00-7.00pm (3 hours)

and i was like " FUCK LA WEYH! bile nak makan la sial????" and what do you know, freakingly, some of my classmates were like sooo agreed with the rhe SEVEN HOURS OF NON-STOP CLASSES. oh, aah. kelas memang lah sangat dekat kan. campus dengan annex dengan campus. memang jalan pon seminit je kan. grrrrr. logically, human beings can only concentrate in class for only 45minutes. so 7 jam bole concentrate ke???? camne nak dapat 4 flat ni weh?
so anyway, during sociology, i was bored and could not concentrate,plus, MENGANTOK! it was suppose to be the most interesting subject of all subjects this semester but takde mood lahhh.
oh and guess what, MSU BANJIR LA SIAL!  i thought pantai timur je yang banjir tapi shah alam pon banjir okay.

learnt in sociology:

words that could change your life..
- i'll be there
- i miss you
- i respect you
- count on me
- i guess you're right
- i thank you
- let me help you
- i love you

wuuu. ailapyuajiko. <3


  1. giler suxx jadual. pergilah bantah.

  2. kesian budak tesl
    kau tk dpt 4 flat kau blame spe yg bt jadual tu
    bodoeeeee kan
    entah2 dier lgi truk nnti
    flat trus dlm kelas
    hishhh ingt senang ke

  3. kentang
    7jam weh.7flat la result ko nnt.wink ;DD

  4. babe .. msu banjer .. eee.. hahaha ..

  5. kak diana: patut kalu combine bnyk2 class da kire illegal dah. kang tak pasal2 lec plak kene douh. cm jahat ar plak an.

  6. yon: tauuuuu takpe. mmg abes laa aku douh pasni. damnnn.

    eiqa: mcm bodo je kann. mmg FLAT.hahaha

  7. aten: BANJIR BOLE MANDI KAN. hahahahahah

  8. ala ms die wat jadual tu, die tak pk students ke??

  9. kak dyana: jadual dah ok. tp lec yg ngade2 nak tuka. so kena ikot jela. pastu da sorg tuka, sume nak tuka. yg lain plak stuju je an. suara majority la menang


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