Wednesday, December 16, 2009

thank youuuu

well miss.G i didn't know that you're actually spreading my blog address to your friends! that is sooooo cool. finally you're being cool *clapclap*
sorry coz i didn't write about you for ages coz now that you're invisible and totally out of my sight, i cant remember to even think of you!
so anyway, i do have a boyfriend. dude, what makes you think i dont have one?? i do and he's the best, i mean the greatest. jeleous much?
oh and eventhough i dont have my own car to drive, or should i say, i dont have my own mercedes benz at my house, but at least, i have my own life to live in. i dont have to pretend to be anyone else to make everyone impressssss.

anyway, im sorry ajik for kidnapping you on the 13th of December. i didnt mean to kidnap you or anything but i really really want you to be next to me for the last time coz i will not be seeing you for almost 2 weeks. its a loooong time for me to wait. so i did that; kidnapping you and forced you to spend 21 hours with me. but it was a great day, isn't it? i cherish the each and every second i had with you that day. it was awesome. and im freaking in love with you. uuuu. thanks for posting about that day. it was funny but sweeeeetttt gila!! 
i really reallly appreciate that.
last word: i love you too, Haziq :)


  1. hahaha ksian ajik terpakse dgr kiter gossip kan LOL

  2. ohoh, jeles oh ngn korg berdua ;D

    make it last okeii!

  3. are we thinking about THE same miss G here? :P

  4. Feeqa: yea we hope it lasts too. Thnx wey. Haha

  5. Fatin: miss G in our class kan? Sape lg yg pkai merz. Hahahaha


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