Friday, October 30, 2009

lucky by colbie callait

30 october 2009
i love you too,H :)
only God knows how happy i am
Luke Pritchard

Thursday, October 29, 2009

nothing but bizarre

zaman sekolah dulu slalu tulis pasal "pengaruh media massa". slalunye aku tak percaya benda2 yg aku slalu tulis dalam karangan mase kecik2 kat skola dulu*ceh, da besa ke aku ni*. well, you know, grown ups have lots in mind rather than to think about this stupid pointless view. but OMG, since i get so addicted to these drama series, Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills 90210, it begin to lives in my life! for real!
there was this one day, i had a dream that i went to Blair's(Gossip Girl) house and i talked to her, like im in the scene. and when i woke up, i didnt feel like i was dreaming, its like, i was, really am, in the scene. and this crazy thoughts that suddenly came to my head, i opened my phone and searched for blair's name, but it wasnt there. and till then i realized that i was dreaming. gosh. gila kan?
and this is even weirder. there was this scene in 90210, where there was this girl who's pregnant ans was about to have a baby. i watched it until so then the next morning, i had a stomachache and went to the toilet. and you know what i said to myself? "omg im about to have a baby! im not ready! where's navid?" *navid is the girl's bf. hahaa. then i realize that, i wasnt pregnant. for sure, positively sure. it was the girl, not me. betul2 menjiwai watak kan?
i just dont know what will happend next as i get soooo obsessed with these series. haha

p/s: i guess i am a green-eyed monster right? haha. stop being so jelouslah ji. :)

Monday, October 26, 2009

smiles and laughters

24th october 2009
hari yang sangat memenatkan, pulang dari shah alam pada tengahari dan petang nya pergi ke city park untuk bagi ikan makan dan bermain layang-layang. pada malam tersebut, kami berniat untuk lepak2 minum. setelah menjemput sume orang;jiher,ayu,diya,ajik,rafi, we were told by rafi that there was, i mean is a restaurant in seremban2 that served a very delicious nasi lemak. so off we went to seremban2. carik punya carik, kedai tu dah takde. shit. so nak pegi mana kan. da jauh2 gerak takkan nk balik je. then we found a very odd mamak stall. so benti la lepak minum kat situ. setelah mengorder air dan minam minam dan borak borak, aku terasa nak makan telur rebus. so pandang je kiri nampak la sorang mamak ni lalu. aku pon panggil lah dye. "ane, telur rebus satu set." dye pon senyum2 dan angguk. pastu dye nk menuju ke kedai utk bagi order, pastu diya lak panggil balik " sir!sir!" ane tu pon patah balik kat tempat ktorang. "satu set tu ade 2 biji telur kan?" diya tanya. ane tu pon angguk sambil senyum2. sedang dye pergi menuju ke kedainya utk memberi order, mamat2 sebelah meja ni pulak gelak2 smbil jerit "mamak! mamak!" i was blurred. then aku pandang ajik, dye gelak2. aku ingt dye gelak sebab diya panggil ane tu sir. aku pon gelak lah kan. skali an, aku nmpak ane tu menuju ke meja sebelah yg ade mamat2 bising tu. aku ingt dye nk amik order, rupenye dye duduk. hahaha. rupenye ane tu bukan keje kat kedai tu weh! dye pelanggan douh. sebelum tu dye pegi kat moto dye yg berada tidak jauh dari meja ktorang. tapi aku tak pasan, skali dye lalu, aku plak panggil. takkan dye nk buat bodo an. secara relanya, dye pon amikkan order utk ktorang. ajik ckp dye nmpak ane tu bagi order ktorang kat mapley kedai tu. segan weh! fi ngn ajik tak abeh2 gelakkan aku. bile telur tu da smpai aku segan lak nk makan. diya buat muka selamba je. aku da tgelak gila2 weh. malu douh. da ar dye dok sebelah aku je an. pastu dak ni gelak2 lagi. hahaha. mane tak segan. abes makan je trus chow. ayu suh mintak maaf kat ane tu, tp aku da segan gile aku terus ajak diorg blah je! haha

Friday, October 23, 2009


so the fairy tales of the happily ever after where some are dead, and others get married, and died, and get married, and got kids blah blah shit is not really the talk of the week right?
keep on hiding. its making things sooo right :)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

bandit's event :)

marilah meramaikan majlis :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

staples, tapes, glue

its fixed. thank you. i forgive you and i want to apologize too
i always love you my sweetie bitch!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


everyone keeps on asking me, what am I doing, or what i'll be doing, or what i've done in this fucking long final breaks. 6 weeks baby! wayy too long for me. and gosh, i hate to sayy it repeatedly so lets just put it in words shall we? :)

-cut my nails 2 times a week
-cleaning up the house
-messing up my room, clean it up, messing it up again, and cleaning it up back
-write 1000 times of the same word which i found in a dictionary to make me remember the word and burn it
-guitar guitar guitar
-downloading, deleting, downloading
-read the book entitled Cat's Cradle by Lizbie Brown again and again
-go downstairs, look around, go back upstairs, sit down, and go back downstairs and lay down
-eat some grapes, foods and drink some water.
-change the channel over and over when there's nothing to be watched
-throw out my wastes like 4 times a day?
-sleep, sleep, sleep
sharpen up the pencils in my room
-texting some friends, which i dont do that too often
-watching some stupid movies over and over again
-listen to 654 songs in my phones.

there you are. lists of the things that i am doing, or done or will be doing during this hols.
* orang tak de duit mmg dok rumah je, besides, mmber ramai tak cuti kan?*

Monday, October 19, 2009


yesterday, i was sitting on a bench, doing nothing, in the middle of the crowd, somewhere in my town. i was observing few people,* not to mention some hot guys* when suddenly i saw a cute little girl, aged in about 11+. she look very innocent with her big bag beside her. she sat on a bench beside me. a few minutes later i looked at her and she's gone. but her bag was still there. i wonder where she went, i said to myself. then later i saw her passed by infront of me, holding a box of cigarette, dunhill filter. oh?well maybe she bought it for her brother or something, i convinced myself. then later on, i saw her taking out one of the cigarettes inside the box and took a lighter in her pocket and lighten up the ciggarette held by her lips. she smokes?she's not even my age? but she smokeS? i was suprised. yes i did. maybe for you it dont look awkward or anything but to me it does. she's only like 11 and her heights is like my hips,*imagine how short she is*. how did she managed to buy the cigar? didnt the shoper suppose to like only sell cigarettes to those who are above 18? or at least those who looks like 18? when i looked at her, it reminds me of myself, what was i when i was 11. i didnt smoke,absolutely. but i became this kind of person, its bad enough. but the girl? well she might get expose a lot more compared to me. and she might do things beyond the line too. i was more frustrated when there was a guy who came to her and asked her for a lighter and went off. ohh? didnt they feel anything? like any feelings? i was speechless and went away.

yes eventhough i have lots, i mean, LOADSSSS of friends who smokes, but it doesnt mean that smoking is fine for me. i learnt science*even though i'm taking english* and i know that smoking is very dangerous for everyone's health. yes, its dangerous.

Most people know that smoking is bad for the health and causes lung cancer and heart attacks. What they may not know is that smoking causes many other diseases and illnesses. It is also the single most preventable cause of death in the U.S.
Tobacco causes about 435,000 deaths or 1 out of 6 deaths in the U.S. each year. 20,000 flu and pneumonia deaths are tied to smoking. Every year 174,000 smokers will die from heart disease. Smoking increases the risk of dying of a heart attack by 60%. Every year 143,000 smokers will die from different cancers, 83,000 from lung cancer alone, and 26,000 from strokes. A stroke happens when the brain does not get enough oxygen. For example, when a person has a stroke, he/she may not be able to talk and/or move a part of his/her body for awhile or forever.
Because of smoking, 40% of men and 28% of women die prematurely, before their time. According to the Surgeon General Report of 1985, "Smoking has killed more people in the U.S. alone than the number of Americans killed in battle or who died of war related diseases in all wars ever fought by this nation." The total number of U.S. deaths in the Vietnam War was 58,151.
Smoking is the number one killer in the African-American community. Adult black males have a greater chance of dying from cigarettes than adult white males. This is partly because black males are more likely to smoke mentholated cigarettes like Newports, Kools, and Salems and higher tar and nicotine brands. Mentholated cigarettes are particularly dangerous because the smoke is pulled deeper into the lungs.

so smoke till you're dead. :)


so predictable.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


skarang suda deepavali tapi org melayu masih lagi buat open house.nak kata diorg menyambut deepavali, tak juga. tapi nak buat camne kan. aha.

so then tengahari tu gerak ke ktm nak pergi kajang, rumah Mikey from Lime Community. tapi sangkut kat ktm 30 minit sbb ade salesman jual kad ape ntah. aku pon register jela. abeh 30 engget. sial. haha. tp takpe, banyak gak benefit dye kan. so then sampai2 kajang, borak2 ngn pakcik teksi sume sementara tunggu Shuttle sampai dari Cheras. then ktorang naik cab pergi umah Mikey. sampai2 seb bek Momok ngn Luwi ade. sebab the rest sume aku tak kenal, juat pernah jumpa je, tego sume tak penah. haha. then sesi makan dan mengabiskan cendol. tapi cendol dye tak se-feeling kat Karim ke, Sikamat, just nice lah bak kate orang. borak2 ngn diorg sume, kenal2 laa dgn budak2 Lime, seb bek Shuttle bole masuk dgn diorg. haha. dlm kul 6 camtu baru balik, sampai seremban je, singgah Parkson jap, nak topup, then terjumpe Amir Psychotic Sufference. so borak2 laa dgn dye, cam bese, pasal music. aku pon da penat and badan berlengas, so terus lah balik :)

Saturday, October 17, 2009


i think she should, must, has to read the story written by Tillie Olsen, I Stand Here Ironing.
at least she knows.

current song:
- the kill, by 30 seconds to mars
- adam's song, by blink 182

p/s: i still love her. very much.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

sticks and stones

its another plain day, woke up and did some chores, blah blah, till got a text message from ayu. jiji, nak kuar tak?ajik ajak teman makan, kate ayu. so then i went to dressed myself and ajik came to pick me up and followed by ayu's place. went to stadium to have some char kuey tiaw and popiah kat kedai Gay.*its what they called*. makan2 je, then suddenly an idea came up. jom pegi lake garden? tanye jiher. so then kitorang pon gerak pegi sane. tak buat ape pon. i just want to get my inspiration there :)

then about 30 minutes, they felt bored and wanted to go somewhere else. jom men layang2 lah,kate ajik. so then pegi la kat city park seremban2. sampai2 je tak jadi main layang2 but we fed the fishes and some tortoises. rm6 abes utk beli makanan diorg je. haha
yang ni Kassim dan yang kat blakang tu John
yang ni Macha
then malam, benda pukimak jadi, terus lepak Ijan burger. malas dok umah. tp ayu lak kena balik awl, nak tgok Las Vegas. hush. haha.


that's what friends are for, right?
no. its not. i'm upset. thank you. :(
current song;
- low, by Kelly Clarkson
- frustrated, by The Knack
question: have you ever been low? have you ever had a friend that let you down?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

one three four three

once its said, it can never be taken back.
and once its broken, it can never be perfect again.
current song;
-the first cut is the deepest, by sheryl Crow
-mary jane, by janis joplin

Saturday, October 10, 2009

sweet eighteen :)

after finished my 1 and a half hour exam(kuar awal douh) i rushed to the ktm and straight went back to seremban. oh excited. text ayu dengan zizi, plan nak pegi tangkak nak celebrate birthday diya. great! aku pon dah beli hadiah kan. so alang2 lah. so then after ajik picked me up at ktm seremban, amikk lah rafi dgn ayu kat umah masing2. rais couldnt come. SPM douh. sian
so then otw pegi sana asek call Pah je nak tau jalan. haha tengs pah. sampai2 je pekan tangkak tu, pehhhh bau dye. sangat2 laaaa wangi douh. mmg macam pilah douh. haha. then carik2 kedai kek, seb bek jumpo. boli laa kek oren sobab den tak mkn coklat.
sampai2 je diya cam suprisingly speechless sbb tak sangka kitorang beli kek dan datang all the way dari seremban kan. then bincang2 je, sume agree nk pegi je gunung ledang. so terus kidnap diya masok kete.

kitorang pon cam konfiden je nak mandi. dengan baju sume takde, tuala takde. semangat je lebey. takpe. malaysia boleh!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

picture perfect pethetic

according to oxford advance learner's dictionary of current English, secret means, to be kept from the knowledge of view of others; of which others have no knowledge or secluded, or quiet, or secretive(the more usual word), or not telling anyone else, or hidden cause; way of doing or getting something that is not known to some or most people.
so clearly and OBVIOUSLY, when you have a secret or some secrets that, OF COURSE, should be kept to yourself,you should keep it as a secret,or should i say the meaning,NOT TELLING ANYONE ELSE. so either someone give you secrets, or have secrets, or you know something happened that shouldn't known by anyone else, you should keep it as a secret,get it? or in case you don't; ANYTHING THAT RELATES TO THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE TOLD, IS A SECRET, WHICH MEANS, YOU SHOULD KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, DONT SPILL ANYTHING. is it so hard to understand?
what if the secret makes the person's life bitter? or harder? what if the secret could kill the person's life? and what if the secret would embarrassed the person without he, himself not knowing about that?
as a Malaysian a responsible Malaysian, we should know, whats good and whats bad; whats should be given and what should be taken; and what should be kept and what should be told. are you Malaysian enough?

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- sway, by the kooks
- guris, by twickheads

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

open houses

ape yang paling best kat malaysia adalah orang malaysia raya selama sebulan. yeahhh. this means that duit raya anddd makan makannnn. yessss. haha.

3 october 2009,

after finished english for academic writing's exam, i went back and get myself prepared for some open houses with my dear friend, En. Shahriz. haha. so like about 12 macam tu, he came to my place to pick me up and we're off to cheras. yes. makan free. so datang lah rumah member dye, Nadia. she is nice and a very good cooker tho. her cooking were veryyyyy marvelous. ingat Dhan and his wife ade, rupenye sudah blah. so then lepak2, makan2, tengok2 tv, kitorang pon off pergi bangi semula.
cotton candy bole buat orang happy kan shahriz? haha
so then pergi umah Dhan, untuk tukar baju. Lan and Diana and Farah pon ade.
around 7 we off to Desa Petaling for suria fm's open house. sesat weh first2. sume cam dah bengang je. mmbe shahriz, the photographer ikot jugak. his name wassss... er.. atar kot. haha.
anyways, sampai2 je takde band lagi yang datang. just a few je lah. so mcm around 9 plus macamtu, the event started. ramai jugak lah band. and the rocketts pon ade. they know me! aha. sebab pernah perform same kan. hee.
around 12.30 balik s.alm semula. it was fun and sangat2 tiring

4 october 2009

jiher, u nak pergi umah aten tak, kate jiha. adoi. aku takde kredit ni. camne nak reply. tido lah balik. then suddenly wok called. aku tau kul 11 kau da siap, kate wok. shit. tak cakap pon nak ikot
haha. so siap2 lah and jiha pon amik lah kat my place. orang yang ikot; jiha, aiman, wok, amirul afham and syahmi. sampai sampai umah fatin, she was veryyyy excited. biasalah. orang datang rumah kan. haha. her baju kurung cantik. :)
so makan2 sume, her dad's cooking was awesome and sorry fatin, coz tak makan cupcakes you, you know how i dont like chocolates. makan2 lepak2 main uno. haha. macam gila je. i won the first round. hebat kan. heeee
nak balik dah, fatin tak bagi balik. nak balik je, fatin tak bagi balik. haha. at last fatin pon lepas kan kitorang. haha. thanks for the food :)

malam ni, jumpa hafizzudin, an old friend of mine, detail, he was my olddddd ex-bf. haha. and he'll be going to sarawak tomorrow, so macam dah lama tak jumpa dye, nak hang out sekejap lah malam ni.
thats all!

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-i dont give a damn, by avril lavigne
-highway star, by deep purple

exam review

introduction to IT in preschool education: WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK!!!
islamic studies: goshhhh. susah wey
academic writing: *tak studyyy* BOLEH LA KOT?