Friday, October 9, 2009

picture perfect pethetic

according to oxford advance learner's dictionary of current English, secret means, to be kept from the knowledge of view of others; of which others have no knowledge or secluded, or quiet, or secretive(the more usual word), or not telling anyone else, or hidden cause; way of doing or getting something that is not known to some or most people.
so clearly and OBVIOUSLY, when you have a secret or some secrets that, OF COURSE, should be kept to yourself,you should keep it as a secret,or should i say the meaning,NOT TELLING ANYONE ELSE. so either someone give you secrets, or have secrets, or you know something happened that shouldn't known by anyone else, you should keep it as a secret,get it? or in case you don't; ANYTHING THAT RELATES TO THINGS THAT SHOULD NOT BE TOLD, IS A SECRET, WHICH MEANS, YOU SHOULD KEEP IT TO YOURSELF, DONT SPILL ANYTHING. is it so hard to understand?
what if the secret makes the person's life bitter? or harder? what if the secret could kill the person's life? and what if the secret would embarrassed the person without he, himself not knowing about that?
as a Malaysian a responsible Malaysian, we should know, whats good and whats bad; whats should be given and what should be taken; and what should be kept and what should be told. are you Malaysian enough?

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  1. wah..??!~ sumbody's been tellin' secrets about u??


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