Tuesday, October 20, 2009


everyone keeps on asking me, what am I doing, or what i'll be doing, or what i've done in this fucking long final breaks. 6 weeks baby! wayy too long for me. and gosh, i hate to sayy it repeatedly so lets just put it in words shall we? :)

-cut my nails 2 times a week
-cleaning up the house
-messing up my room, clean it up, messing it up again, and cleaning it up back
-write 1000 times of the same word which i found in a dictionary to make me remember the word and burn it
-guitar guitar guitar
-downloading, deleting, downloading
-read the book entitled Cat's Cradle by Lizbie Brown again and again
-go downstairs, look around, go back upstairs, sit down, and go back downstairs and lay down
-eat some grapes, foods and drink some water.
-change the channel over and over when there's nothing to be watched
-throw out my wastes like 4 times a day?
-sleep, sleep, sleep
sharpen up the pencils in my room
-texting some friends, which i dont do that too often
-watching some stupid movies over and over again
-listen to 654 songs in my phones.

there you are. lists of the things that i am doing, or done or will be doing during this hols.
* orang tak de duit mmg dok rumah je, besides, mmber ramai tak cuti kan?*

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  1. wow...i know it's waaaaay boring during ur finals break...but 4 times a day...? average..? =D...anyway...hang in there, jiher...


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