Thursday, October 29, 2009

nothing but bizarre

zaman sekolah dulu slalu tulis pasal "pengaruh media massa". slalunye aku tak percaya benda2 yg aku slalu tulis dalam karangan mase kecik2 kat skola dulu*ceh, da besa ke aku ni*. well, you know, grown ups have lots in mind rather than to think about this stupid pointless view. but OMG, since i get so addicted to these drama series, Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills 90210, it begin to lives in my life! for real!
there was this one day, i had a dream that i went to Blair's(Gossip Girl) house and i talked to her, like im in the scene. and when i woke up, i didnt feel like i was dreaming, its like, i was, really am, in the scene. and this crazy thoughts that suddenly came to my head, i opened my phone and searched for blair's name, but it wasnt there. and till then i realized that i was dreaming. gosh. gila kan?
and this is even weirder. there was this scene in 90210, where there was this girl who's pregnant ans was about to have a baby. i watched it until so then the next morning, i had a stomachache and went to the toilet. and you know what i said to myself? "omg im about to have a baby! im not ready! where's navid?" *navid is the girl's bf. hahaa. then i realize that, i wasnt pregnant. for sure, positively sure. it was the girl, not me. betul2 menjiwai watak kan?
i just dont know what will happend next as i get soooo obsessed with these series. haha

p/s: i guess i am a green-eyed monster right? haha. stop being so jelouslah ji. :)

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