Monday, October 19, 2009


yesterday, i was sitting on a bench, doing nothing, in the middle of the crowd, somewhere in my town. i was observing few people,* not to mention some hot guys* when suddenly i saw a cute little girl, aged in about 11+. she look very innocent with her big bag beside her. she sat on a bench beside me. a few minutes later i looked at her and she's gone. but her bag was still there. i wonder where she went, i said to myself. then later i saw her passed by infront of me, holding a box of cigarette, dunhill filter. oh?well maybe she bought it for her brother or something, i convinced myself. then later on, i saw her taking out one of the cigarettes inside the box and took a lighter in her pocket and lighten up the ciggarette held by her lips. she smokes?she's not even my age? but she smokeS? i was suprised. yes i did. maybe for you it dont look awkward or anything but to me it does. she's only like 11 and her heights is like my hips,*imagine how short she is*. how did she managed to buy the cigar? didnt the shoper suppose to like only sell cigarettes to those who are above 18? or at least those who looks like 18? when i looked at her, it reminds me of myself, what was i when i was 11. i didnt smoke,absolutely. but i became this kind of person, its bad enough. but the girl? well she might get expose a lot more compared to me. and she might do things beyond the line too. i was more frustrated when there was a guy who came to her and asked her for a lighter and went off. ohh? didnt they feel anything? like any feelings? i was speechless and went away.

yes eventhough i have lots, i mean, LOADSSSS of friends who smokes, but it doesnt mean that smoking is fine for me. i learnt science*even though i'm taking english* and i know that smoking is very dangerous for everyone's health. yes, its dangerous.

Most people know that smoking is bad for the health and causes lung cancer and heart attacks. What they may not know is that smoking causes many other diseases and illnesses. It is also the single most preventable cause of death in the U.S.
Tobacco causes about 435,000 deaths or 1 out of 6 deaths in the U.S. each year. 20,000 flu and pneumonia deaths are tied to smoking. Every year 174,000 smokers will die from heart disease. Smoking increases the risk of dying of a heart attack by 60%. Every year 143,000 smokers will die from different cancers, 83,000 from lung cancer alone, and 26,000 from strokes. A stroke happens when the brain does not get enough oxygen. For example, when a person has a stroke, he/she may not be able to talk and/or move a part of his/her body for awhile or forever.
Because of smoking, 40% of men and 28% of women die prematurely, before their time. According to the Surgeon General Report of 1985, "Smoking has killed more people in the U.S. alone than the number of Americans killed in battle or who died of war related diseases in all wars ever fought by this nation." The total number of U.S. deaths in the Vietnam War was 58,151.
Smoking is the number one killer in the African-American community. Adult black males have a greater chance of dying from cigarettes than adult white males. This is partly because black males are more likely to smoke mentholated cigarettes like Newports, Kools, and Salems and higher tar and nicotine brands. Mentholated cigarettes are particularly dangerous because the smoke is pulled deeper into the lungs.

so smoke till you're dead. :)


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