Friday, December 4, 2009

how about Friday?

dammit!!! i'm sooo late!! seriously! mandimandimandi. siapsiapsiap. jalanjalanjalan towards class. annex 18G. peh jauh sial. aku dah la dah lambat. takpe. tabahkan diri. walkwalkwalk. sampai2 je kelas dah pukul 10.15am. and the class haven't started yet.pheww.
so macam after a loong lecturing and discussion, tetibe madam nak buat impromtu speech and i was like WHAT?? gila macam tak ready kan. so the first name was called. Intan. i was so glad that it wasn't me. then madam asked her to choose anyone of our classmates to do the speech. i thought that my name was never to be in her mind but suddenly, "jiher" weyyy. aku ke?? i stood up and went to the front. "so class, what topic would you like her to deliver today?" and the majority said "cendol" i smiled. and talked everything about cendol for nearly 2 minutes. i got thumbs up! wewittt!
oh and gojes kena panggil kedepan jugak. her topic was lip gloss. japjap. she didnt know anything about lip gloss. what? takkan lah langsung. gila macam tak logic kan. if it were a guy tu bole terima lah kan. and she said she'd never put any make ups on. come on. takkan lah takde langsung knowledge about lip gloss. LAME.
so anyway,  after kelas tak sabarsabar nak balik seremban so cepatcepat pergi ktm dan balik. arrived in seremban at 3pm. met ajik :) he was happy to see the new me. I KNOW. everyone does. including me.haha.
so the first thing that came out from his mind is, "jom pergi cendol?" and i was like "JOMMMM!!" sedapsedapsedap. 2 mangkuk wey. yumyum. lepastu we decided to go for a movie. mulamula nak tgok senario tapi da terlepas. then pergi JJ pon terlepas jugak. so tengaok cite christmas carol. bosan. just some typical christmas carol stories. makanmakan di kepci. sedapp.
that night he sent me home. well, i had a very greattt day today. ily ;)


  1. wahhh wahhh haha
    cendol kau mmg expert
    aku tk deny pasal tu
    haha pling pnting ajik mesti syg kau giler2 pas ni :P
    yelah awekku dh mcm nur kasih :P ekekeke
    apepun smua org gembira tgk perubahan kau
    bad hbit carut2 tu pun kne buang
    sme2lah kiter :P

  2. eiqa: hahaha. ape2 pasal cendol leave it to me bebeh. aku duta kot.hahaha.
    thankssss. hope he will :)
    buangcarutbuang.ishh.susah sgt weh.hahaha. kat blog pon mencarut gak. cmne? haha

  3. ahh..soh pakai baju kurung pon xnk

  4. peh...siap leh bagi speech pasal cendol siot...ko mmg hebat.

    pasal perubahan tu...lek lek je...sket2 ubah...1 step at a time...u don't rush changes...or it wont last...

  5. klu nk berubah..ape care pon bole :)

  6. yay!pasni ko bole join group cik salmah selendang aku weh.;DD
    im proud of you!

  7. shahriz: aku kan duta cendol.haha thanks btw

  8. ajik: thanks for your support ilysm ;)

  9. yon: hahaha. yeay. kite geng kan salmah kan.haha thank youu ;)

  10. hahahhah..
    x leyh bla

    seyes ke gojes x tau pape tntg lip glos

  11. gha: serious. u tanya yang lain. rugi douh u tak dtg kelas arituuuu. macam gila GELI wey dye present kat depan


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