Friday, November 13, 2009

blog and friendship

oh mr.K i just read your blog today, well i dont know why it came up from my mind to read yours. but yeah, OUR FRIENDSHIP IS OVER. and its not my fault for making it over. YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS FUCKING STUPID. i guess you have read on what i posted before about SECRET. and i REALLY HOPE that you wont do the same you did to me to your other honourable friends. because, just so you know, it hurts a lot, its like u shoot me to my heart and the bullet stays. until now i still can feel the bullet that stucked in my heart. and yes, THEY HATE YOU TOO.and they are with me now. thanks for your nice and good behaviour. well my thought of you aren't the same anymore. and sorry to say, I REGRET BEING YOUR FRIEND, MR.K. aku tak heran lah tak dpt kawan macam kau. tak rugi langsung. LANGSUNG. ramai lagi lah good friends. and i hope, your friends just love having you as a friend,sebab kalau tak kan, kesian kan kau takde orang yg sayang kau. :)
have a nice day, LOSER!
oh and, spoiling me wont make you get even better. you'll see.
its jiher that you're dealing with. xoxo


  1. yea mr K, u better back off. its Jiher Croft la, from the tomb raider .. haha, tapi seriously, aku x suke nama initial huruf K. mesti aku ingat 'datuk K', owh god, that old man makes me sick

  2. hahaha. dato K sangat2 menjijik kan and so do mr.K
    hahaha. both sgt2 menggelikan

  3. ajik: saje. nk jadi feminin cket.haha

    fatin: kaioo babi.haha


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