Thursday, November 19, 2009


i smiled when i looked at the paper.
i smiled when i looked at the score that i've got with my very own effort.
but you didn't smile.
you didn't.
you put tears on my face.
i thought you were going to say the 'C' word, or at least
say that you're A BIT proud of me.
but you never were.
eventhough i think i improved a lot from the very past years
but you didnt think so.
why? why did you yelled?
i was speechless when you said those to me.
i was. and i still am now.
and why did you ever get so fuck up with the numbers?
obviously, i didn't get 1 or 2. but i got 3.
and plus, it was my first year, first semester, and i had a very difficult days during my exam.
you never know.
i know i was careless. but i was. i am not now.
i promise i'll be more aware.
and i'll promise i'll give you more. not just 3 but 4 and if there's 5, i'll give you 5.
i dont care if you dont believe me or whatever. but im gonna prove it and lets see what you'll say next.


  1. sabaq na.. gud luck next time,kasik cheq bangga skali pun takpa.

  2. haha. baiklah abg senior! tengkiuuu

  3. hey, i like this, u scored well jiher!


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