Thursday, November 12, 2009


i am really really amazed with these youtube artists. they are very talented and wayyy much better than some of our performers nowadays. all they do is just put on the camera or webby and get a guitar or piano or the easiest, just play the karaoke song and sing! and most of em have a very very amazing voice. you should check em out!

- Ana Free
- Allysa Bernal
- Mellisa Polinaru
- Marie Digby
- Boyce Avenue


  1. aku mmg suke marie digby.dia hebat
    kau tgk chase coy plak
    dhlah hensem mude and hebat

  2. ajik: jiher tak talented lahh :)
    iqa: yeahh. ouh, tak perasan mamat tu. nnt aku tgok.haha

  3. yup..btol2...i sukung u..
    kadang2 de yg cam x de pluang nk tunjuk kt media
    uh cre plg mudah r dyeorg nk tunjuk bakat dyeorg
    kt pihak umum

  4. yes and the public will rate them and they'll become famous :)


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