Thursday, April 1, 2010

observe and learn

When i was studying Sociology in Education last semester, i keep on wondering why people like to, i mean, willing to live in a life of inequality. It is not fair when you see some people eat 6 times a day and some just eat once a day or never eats at all (except for some strange unthankful people who likes to not eat their meal, which they call it so-called diet). It is not because of diet or anything but the thing is, they cant afford to have more than a meal in a day. It is not fair to see some people wear Prada and some wear just a bunch of collected cloth that they found in the trash. It is not fair that some live in a palace or mansion and some just live without a home. Why does this inequality even exist? Like what i’ve learned about India on their social stratification, they have this class system in which they cant “touch” other classes except for their own. Come to think of it, if you are a responsible person, and really want your country to be more successful and modernized, you should just forget about the class system thingy and help among yourselves so that all of the citizens in the country will have a better life all together.

But actually, without inequality, it is not a life. Imagine if all human beings have the same, equal occupation, same, equal standards of life, and same everything, there will be no competition and life is no fun anymore. If everyone work as an engineer, then who is going to be a doctor? A teacher? A lawyer? an entertainer? If our standards of life are equal, then all the prices of everything in this world will be equal too and plus, there will be no variety in life. Same houses, same culture in every country, same food every day, boy, life is plain though.
So, yes, i agree that inequality in society shouldn’t exist but, it just exist without anyone demands for it, am i right?

okay, its just some crazy thoughts, no offence. and anyway, there mightbe some wrongs here and there but, nvm, i dont really like sociology. LOL

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  1. It's a good thought, honestly and I'm quite agree with it. :)


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