Wednesday, April 7, 2010

drama acts

The first day of class was, urm, wasted! Datang kelas penat penat redah panas terik di waktu tengahari, tibatiba lecturer masuk, introduced herself, gave her phone number, took attendance, and thats it. Damn. Penat je. Then the second class was, exciting, maybe because its another literature class, its just that the name of the subject wasn’t literature, but critical appreciation. Just a few minutes in class, and the lecturer, my beloved lecturer actually, said that the midterm will be at the end of this month, which means, IN ANOTHER FEW WEEKS MY DEAR! Okay, baru start kelas dah kena fikir pasal midterm? Whatever. And assignments! Damn, nasib baik based on poems and short stories, if tak, memang sangat sangat tak menarik!

About that add-drop thingy, i was told by the lecturer that i cant add another subject, because of lack of lecturers and it might be hard if i take 4 subjects because each subjects will be in 6hours credits. Eventhough i was much much upset, but, whatever, 3 subjects as it is!

My plan of cooking at home is going pretty well. I cook once a day, as lately, i don’t have much appetite though. But it was just a little cooking thingy, coz i don’t really know how to cook except for Maggie.
Okay lately, i’ve been dreaming of wanting to continue my studies in UPM, and take the English Literature course there. And then, after finished studying, maybe, i want to work, as a teacher, at Sabah or Sarawak. Don’t ask me why, coz i know you know why. LOL.  So anyways, i was informed by Ajik that he’s going to fly to Indonesia this August, during his birthday. Ouch, thats really hurts. So like, i have just a few months left to hang out with him, yes, don’t mention it, i will be crying like hell when he’s gone. :’(  but anyway, thats for his own good, and i accept it and always pray the best for him. J

having plenty of leisure time, i stumbled on my friend's blog, Abid. i read it and i was suprised and blessed that i am ranked by him as one of the top 10 bloggers award. yeay me!(okay, itu over). so it was written there that i have to rank my own top 10 bloggers. so, here it goes :


congrats! okay, just some random ranks. no offence. :)


  1. wah wah wah, I just noticed my blog is listed there. thank you for reading! :)


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