Sunday, April 11, 2010


as plannned, Ajik picked me up at 8.30 am( i am reluctantly woke up!) from Shah Alam on Saturday also known as the final game for FA cup! Negeri Sembilan has made it till final and they,or should i say we? will have to compete with Kedah. 
at nearly 4, me, Ajik, Rais, Rafie, Umar, and Nami went straight to Bukit Jalil stadium. it was fun when we were on the road. we saw so many cars, Negeri Sembilan's fans' cars, put up flags on, or around their cars. it was exciting to see their spirit were like that. sumpah seronok gila! to see the buses, the cars, even the motorcycle itself has their own flags. how sweet :)
arrived there at 5.40++. it was a long journey to the stadium because we had to park like miles away form the stadium. had a lil troubles in getting in but, not much to say though, yag penting, HOBIN JANG HOBIN!
we won :)
ramai gila!! 

 became an artist

 pahlawan ajik yang ensem 

 before the game

 musuh: KEDAH.

 ajik sangat ensem sebab dikelilingi oleh 4 orang perempuan kiri dan kanan


monang bai!! HOBIN JANG HOBIN!


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