Monday, April 5, 2010

third semester

okay, macam budak excited je nak masuk sem baru. tak tak, tak excited. im not that nerdy okay. 

so anyway, this is my third semester studying in my BELOVED university, and this semester's gonna be a short semester, which means, 2 months of studying. 
fuckingly, before we even started the classes, we, nearly half of the dip tesl students, were informed that our mentor has resigned. and i was like, ape? then macam mana nak naik sem baru??? bak kata alea, kami kena tinggal terkontang kanting. whatever.
new semester has just started but, the exam results are still pending. and we have registered 4 subjects for this semester that are; critical appreciation, grooming and etiquette, english teaching methods, and english for general purpose. but sadly, we have to drop the english for general purpose subject and add it to psychology in education as there is no lecturer that will be teaching that subject. okay. and fuckingly, i just knew that we have to drop the psychology in education subject a.s.a.p as there will be no lecturer that will be teaching that subject TOO. and come to think of it, we have paid the fees for this semester for 4 subject, and now, we'll be taking 3 subjects for this semester. oh and i am so not going to make this happen.i MIGHT be adding one subject(if my result is okay) but before adding or dropping subject, we have to wait for a new mentor to consult us about this add-dropping thingy which will be informed in the next 2 or 3 days.  
sangat-sangat kucar kacir boleh tak! 
oh and, just copied the class schedule for this semester, and damn, i got class from monday to friday. no more friday-is-a-lepaking day. *annoyed*

to my bestfriend, Firdaus abd Azis, i hope that everything will be okay. take care of yourself, and dont let yourself so down with what you are facing right now, be strong. if anything, just buzz me, you know i'll be there for you. take care :)

oh and for those who will be having their final exam this whole 2 weeks, especially the matrix students and my beloveds, Haziq Hanif and Diya Ayuni, GOOD LUCK AND ALL THE BEST !! ;)


  1. Salam najihah roslan..
    ko nak ke tanak ke..
    aku bagi ko award..
    lepak blog jambu aku jap..
    rindu blog aku kan?


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