Sunday, March 28, 2010

after final's over

Spent my 2 days in Malacca, staying at Fatin’s the day after my final exam was over and the next thing i know, its Saturday and i’ve promised Ayu that i’ll be staying at her place on that day. Macam takde rumah kan? My family aren’t home so i have to stay at my friends’ house.

On Saturday, i packed my bags and waited for Fatin’s ‘friend’ to come and pick us up to go to the Malacca Central. Dammit! Bas. Okay, sacrifice untuk rakan rakan. Hmm, waited and waited and suddenly, Viva putih datang! Like OMG! I can’t believe that Ajik, Ayu and Belalang were standing right in front of the door. I was SUPRISED, again. (suke korang buat suprise kan!)

(singgah A&W beli float. *kagum ade A&W dalam zoo)

Had lunch cooked by Fatin’s mum and we went straight to the zoo! I am so EXCITED, seriously. I was happy that i met Tapir, Red Panda, Giraffe and a cute lil monkey that is SO EFFING SEXY but he likes to scare me off, really, for thousands of times. I was frustrated because i PAID to see the animals, but they were very lazy! Bak kata Belalang, “yelah, da duduk zoo, makan pon free”. Yeah, you were right. So anyway, we managed to capture most of the animals in the zoo, and i like them ALL! Especially Mr. Sexy. (LOL) oh oh and i was excited + scared when i rode an elephant! Tapi sakit bontot. L

(little pony)

(tapir yang handsome!!!!!!)

(cicak naik gajah, betul kan?)

(gajah yang pandai )

(actually, im afraid if that lizard bites)


(harimau itu sebenarnya sangat besar!)

(orang utan tetek menggelebeh)

(kaki sakit)

(ini lah Mr. Sexy!)

(ye, saya lagi tinggi dari zirafah!)

(topi ini sangat cool! boleh ade spek skali. 2 in 1! amazed*)

Anyway, we spent for like 2 hours in the zoo, like seriously, pain in the ass man! Macam turun 10 kg je. HAHA. Then, right after zoo, we went to a place in which i don’t know what the name is called, but there’s a ‘jamban karaoke’ and yes, only me and Fatin sang in the box. Harapkan diorg, pemalu je lebih. Huh!
After sent Fatin back home and had a dinner at her’s, we went straight back to Seremban and i stayed at Ayu’s. I was surprised to see my nearly-finish-renovated-house! It was, urm, KELAKAR. Whatever~
The next morning, Ajik woke me up and Rafie, Nami, Ajik, Ayu and me went to say our last goodbye to Fik and Belalang that will be going to the National Service. Fik dah chow awal, so jumpa Belalang. Selamat berjuang korang! ;)

Then Ajik and i went for a movie! AT LAST. We watched Alice in the Wonderland and i agreed with what Britney said, it was a great movie. Thank you Ajik.

p/s: thank you Ajik for all the surprises and the kind things you’ve done to me. It’s been 5 months now, and i hope we’ll last till the end of my life :’) I LOVE YOU THE MOST, HAZIQ HANIF.


  1. btw sayang, selamat mnyambut ulangtahun yang ke 5 bulan okay?? akhirnyaa kan??


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