Wednesday, March 24, 2010

talk about life

parents didn't call since the day they went out of town. DISAPPOINTED

final exam's over. HAPPY

Ajik came to celebrate. EFFINGLY HAPPY


went busking with him and Fatin. GLAD

had a lil cooked-meal by Ajik's mum. HAPPY

begged for an apology to a friend. NOT FORGIVEN

parents aren't home. SAD

Ajik went home. SAD

called Ayuni. HAPPY

phone went missing. TERRIBLY SAD.

JAP. FOUND IT!!!!!! *Jiher was on the phone and heard the great news and just typed it out!*

okay. rasa macam dah lama tak tengok wayang. seriously. Britney Spears ckp kat twitter dye yang cite Alice in wonderland best. :)

p/s: jalan sebelah tak nak tegur aku. okay, memang salah aku hari tu tapi bukan aku tak mintak maaf. sorry again korg :'(


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