Monday, March 15, 2010

vision 2020 and its challenges

- to be a united nation and tolerant society
- to be a citizen who strong in religious and spiritual values
- to be a scientific and progressive society
- to be an economically just society
- to be a prosperous society

- establishing a united Malaysian nation
- creating a psychologically liberated society
- fostering and developing a mature democratic society
- establishing a fully moral and ethically society 
- establishing a mature liberal and tolerant society
- establishing a fully caring society
- ensuring an economically just society
- establishing a prosperous society. 

banyak kali aku baca benda ni tapi tak jugak hafal hafal. esok nak exam ni, nape tak boleh masuk? maybe sebab aku tak yakin yang malaysia boleh capai sume ni pada tahun 2020 nanti. frustrated.

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