Saturday, March 13, 2010


out of sudden, a thought just came out from my mind. "jom masak malam ni!" and me and Fatin went to buy some groceries and we planned to do a spaghetti! yuummmy~
i text-ed Ajik, told him that i wanted to cook, which is something EXTRAORDINARY for me, and then he decided to come over! i was like, oh my god, it better be really, really delicious.
to make sure that everything is PURR-FECT, i've been calling my mum for thousand times and still, i did some mistakes. i bought the wrong spaghetti, and the sauce is not enough for the 5 of us. :(

so anyways, around 9.30, Ajik, Rafie and Fikri came and pick us up and we had our so-called picnic at Extreme Park.

 well, they said that it was good, sampai tambah beberapa kali lah! hehe. tapi tak tahu lah kalau itu untuk jaga hati ke ape kan. we ate, and busked, gayed and watch a show. ape show entah kat Extreme park tu. though it was really a tiring day, but its really worth it. thank you Ajik for willing to come :)

ajik hot yaww

asap ajik

grrrrrrrr. aaaammmmm

busking and onlining


makanan licin!



ajik seorang yang jujur, menggatal depan mate aku ;)

thankss sebab sanggup makan makanan aku ye Ajik, Rafie, Fatin, and Fik. 

and and anddddd i love you, Haziq ;)


thank you for dropping comments ;)