Sunday, March 14, 2010

exam mode

just like Fatin Sue's and Juliet Syafiqah's, i want to write a post with the title "exam mode" too! :)
 this week is my final examination and i'll be having my 5 papers:

- sociology of education
- counselling and guidance
- critical thinking
- philosophy of education
- presentation skills

but sadly, i just started revising with 2 subjects only, not STUDYING. and my mum had challenged me to get more than 3.7 before she went to umrah with my dad and brothers and uncle and aunts. how can i achieve that?? macam SUSAH GILA JE. with my counselling and philosophy marks for my mid sem, i dont think i could reach that target, but still, im targeting for 3.75.


thank you for dropping comments ;)