Friday, January 8, 2010


again, i feel annoyed with the questions, what what and what do you learn from philosophy?
urghh. okay here's the thing. in my opinion, i dont learn anything from it. yes. because i dont apply any of those stuff that are written in the book instead, i try to understand it and say "oh, really?"
its just a matter of gaining knowledge without finding the way to apply it.
basically, from the book, that i've read reluctantly, its all about idealism and realism and how it relates to education and teaching. *read it so you'll know how gila i am when reading this*
these things are totally different. idealism is subjective and it is intangible. idealists believed that ideas are the pure truth because ideas do not change, but materials are changing. and thennnn, the fucking part is, we can get to know these people like Plato, Socrates, Augustine and duhh, memang aku tanak kenal korang lah but i am forced to get to know them. i hate to learn about the dead.
and realism is the opposite of it. it is objective and measurable and tangible. and frankly, this is all iknow because i haven't study a thing for this! F**k! and more people to be noticed such as Aquinas, Aristotle, Bacon and who ever they are.

so get the idea ? philosophy is as easy as cendol. trust me.
exam will be on wednesday and thre'll be 2 essays. ^&^&(*)*(&%$%


  1. ur guitar pix remind me to play guitar hero now

  2. hahahaha..jiher..
    tau x pe..
    aku pn dh penin dgn philosphy..:((
    ps-folow my blog..:">

  3. biya: hahahha. kan kan kan. ok sure :)

  4. ades..spe yg ckp snang tu..:((
    tlg ajarkan..:((
    thax jiher..=P


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