Thursday, January 28, 2010

to a friend

Come to think of it, am i the one who started it? Am i the one who ruined everything? Coz you don’t seem to care nor notice me ever since the thing started. have i chose the wrong decision? Am i in the wrong path?
I do not know what’s in your mind now but all i know is you are so different from who you were before. And i keep on wondering what I have done that makes you act like this. You said you were okay but you’re not. You were caught lying to us, is that what makes you hate me now?

As for now, i just wish and hoping that everything will be alright. Frankly speaking, i miss you soo bad.  But i couldn’t say it to you coz you don’t seem to miss me. And yes, i miss all the laughter that we shared together, well, its a long long time ago. Till i cant remember when was the last time we did that. The jealousy started to cross my heart when i saw you missing somebody else, which was not me. Sorry but yes i am a bit jealous of that.

Sometimes i fall, and i wish that it was you are the one that hold my hands, but that was just a dream. So, as for now, you cant blame me for having someone else in my life, some more friends and one special guy in my heart. But still, i wish we could turn back the time and pause at the moments that we’re spending our selves together. I miss our yesterdays and i miss you..


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