Monday, January 25, 2010


its been a long time since i haven't update my blog. 
yeah. lots of things to do rather than typing unspoken words to this place. 
been very busy with mid terms, and friends and life and love.
but there are some things that i want to say to those who i think need to buy a very very big mirror.

stop backstabbing your friend. you know how it hurt when someone back stabbing you. 
and by wearing your mask, doesn't mean that i cant see your real face that you're hiding from her. i could see it with my bare naked eyes.

and stop hurting my friends. leaving them is hurt enough, but cheating and lying? its too much. screw you! dont you have any idea on what you say about her might affect her the rest of her life? dont you think what you did to him is too much? and dont you think you're too obsessed with your new life and that you've forgot who's been by your side all the time?

and yeah, the sudden change of you has made me think of something. you've not moved on. i know. i'm a girl too. 

and to those who keep on fighting about such a fucking silly things, just snap out of it. its ridiculous. you might think that you did the right thing but, come to think of it, who's there when you need someone? and you just want to end your relationship just like that? nonsense.

and you hate me coz i spilled the whole truth? what? you're scared? well, i'm not. go and tell others your lies. they would believe you, but i wont. and someday, you'll know how far you've been. 

i know im no perfect, but at least i'm trying. 

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