Monday, January 4, 2010

papers and pens

it has been a few months for this semester and now, its mid semester's test. goshhh! i think i know nothing at all. it feels like, i've learned nothing through out this semster. 
i got 5 subjects to be studied. and these subject are pretty lame. 

-critical thinking
-counselling and guidance
-presentation skills
-philosophy of education
*i'm listing it out so that people would STOP asking me what subjects am i taking this semester.*

so frankly speaking, my favourite has always been literature, but because there's no more literature class*which makes me feel sooo upset about it* the most acceptable and kind,my favourite subject is, presentation skills. 
eventhough, the assignments has nothing to do but only presentation and presentation and more presentations, but the class was kinda fun. seriously.

and the least favourite subject of all times is counselling and guidance.
imagine: jiher as a counsellor. 
geli bai!!
this subject was the most boring subject i've even took. sumpah tanak blaja lagi dah lepas sem ni!

the toughest subject is philosophy of education. well, falsafah kan, susah la. the sentences are hardly understandable because it uses a philosophical-english-language, in which, i have to read it like 10 times to understand JUST A SENTENCE, not to mention i have to read like 30 times to AT LEAST remember what it says. nak harapkan aku hafal setiap sentence? JANGAN HARAP.

so, the test will starts on 12th january 2010. wish me all the best ;)


  1. aku rasa nk tdo je blaja critical thinking weyh.

    gud luck :)

  2. feeqa: haha, bosan gile an. nak2 dgn assignment bodo dye tu

  3. sem ni definitely mmg tak sama mcm last sem. last sem i motivated sikit, sem ni down je. sobs

    jiher tak tag blog i kat tepi tu! sobs lagi

  4. hahah ngeng ajik, lg nak tanya. haha

    menarik jgk wehh subjek2 yg kau amik drpd aku neyy

  5. fatin sue: kan kan. i cam this sem ddk blakang je ok. dan SANGAT PENDIAM. tak macam last sem bnyk tnye sume
    ohh, patut lahh u cm tak update2. sorrrrryyyy babe!!!

  6. dyla: bosan laa wey. kau amik subject pe je?


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