Wednesday, January 13, 2010

counting the days

exam exam exam.
tired of it already!!!

so anyway, 3 papers had passed today.
frankly, philosophy of education was really really tough. i've been struggling very very hard for the paper, been reading it for 3 days, and all i can answer is 2/5 of it! well, maybe its because i have to read like, what, 80 pages for 2 chapters. hows that? but anyway, sorry Prof J.

the next paper was sociology. another tough subject. luckily the lecturer gave us a lil tips on the exam, so we didnt have to read all of the chapters in the big book. but the exam was tiring because i have to write 5 essays and the marks are irrelevant! urghh. thanks anyway.

then on the same day of sociology, i had this critical thinking subject, at noon. mengantok lah! but, it was okay lah. not that tough as i thought it was but not as easy as creative thinking that i took last semester. :)

next will be, counselling and guidance IN THE MORNING, and presentation skills ON SATURDAY!
bosan betul bila exam hari sabtu. :(

ouh and one more thing yang best pasal mid sem dekat MSU ni is that, no hols. not even a day, well maybe they think there is, SUNDAY.

and to my beloved haziq hanif, stay strong. i'll always be with you. see you next week okay ;)

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