Monday, June 1, 2009

lead on by you

Confusion consumes my soul
Of the things I thought we'd be
I guess I was just kidding myself
When I thought you were actually falling for me
I'm left here with agonizing pain
That's piercing into my mind
I'm looking for answers
Not realizing there aren't any to find
My heartbeat is racing at a rapid pace
I keep replaying your words through my head
Trying to stop and catch my breathe
Wondering if my soul will soon be dead
I have been holding out for you
Wishing things would take its course
But I guess it's true you can't help who you love
And you can't love me because you feel forced
You make all these promises
The kind I know you never will keep
So while Im here losing my mind
I hope your somewhere getting sleep
You are confusion at its worst
Sometimes I tell myself you're true
But at the end of every day
I am still be lead on by you


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