Sunday, June 21, 2009

gig review

the gig was held on 20th june 2009. thanks to the organizer,capekat,especially to Piee coz gave us the chance to perform there.
there were 8 bands from Seremban,*Allen Key,The Jack,Sixteen Malaya,From Cardillac to geisha,The Sputnik,Crop Circle,Nabmeres, and Cliffhanger, which was soo cool coz its like our own event.
The band The Sputnik was sooo cool. and seriously i adored thier drummer named Amir coz he plays drum and yet he could scream! he is soo cool. aku terpana wehhh!!
our performance was okay. luckily ade crowd kan?most of it are my friends and so of the band from seremban. cool kan diorg?LOL
sixteen malaya got some problem at that time coz the organizer actually banyak kali tukar diorg punya performance. at last dapat jugak diorg perform. and it was so cool. sbb ramai crowd and sume asyek nk drop "Sam"(helmy) je kan?
lastly,i had so much fun there though its very tiring that day.

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