Friday, June 26, 2009

Four names the person that you love :
-my mum
-my dad

Four of your favorite place to makan-makan :
-kenny roger's roasters
-big apple

Four places you would rather be right now :
-ayuni's house

Four things in the room you're in :
-phone charger
-bed sheets

Four things in your purse or wallet :

Four speed dials on your cell phone :
1-diya ayuni
2- ayuni nadirah
3- mummy
4- aboy*bandmate

Four websites you visit :

Four places you'd like to visit :

Four things you are looking forward to :
- kill Gorjes The Biatch
- make Gorjes The Biatch feels like hell
- collect money to go to ohio, meeting Cortney and Breanna
- be a teacher

Four things found in your fridge :

Four person that you missed :
-diya ayuni
-ayuni nadirah
-muhd haziq hanif
-muhd rafi

Four person you want to tag :


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