Tuesday, June 16, 2009

friendship will never be broken

dear friends,
eventhough i''ve had the guy of my dream,but that doesn't mean that you guys are forgotten.seriously, still need you guys to share my fun life with,need you guys to talk with and need your shoulders to cry with. and the most important thing is,no matter how deep my love towards the guy,i still love all of you no matter what.
diya and yunie,you're the best girl friends i ever had, and i might fall without you.
ajik,rafi,rais,you're the best guys friends and lepaking friends i ever had.thanks a lot for always be there for me
and amir,you're my everything
as for the new friends that i just met like a month,wok,radhi and kaio,you're still the best. i still need you guys so i can breath with comfort there.you're my laughters and my joy in shah alam.
i love you friends :)

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