Tuesday, July 14, 2009

sayang, i love you.please dont leave me.

seriously i was like so fucking worried when you weren't here by my side

i search all over the place just for you

i called you so many times,but you didnt pick up my calls

i wad so fucking worried if something happen to you

what if someone has took you away from me??

i cant accept that

no.i'll not happen to me. so then i asked some people, who might know the right person who i could contact you and find you.

and yes, i was glad that i found you still save in the cab

handphone ku yang ku sangat sayang.

im so sorry that i've been very stressful lately and you are not being used properly and i know you feel abandoned but please forgive me. i'll not ignore you anymore. i love you so much.

(handphone tertinggal dalam cab. tu je cerita nya)

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