Monday, July 13, 2009

again, gojes!

she is so fucking damn rude!
and how dare she said to the whole class that we're stupid in front of the lecturer???
idk why she was so fucking emotional.
padahal macam takde benda sgt pon kan. she's make it even worst la, gila!
who are you to call us stupid??
u lagi laa stupid for being so fucking childish in the class.come on la.this thing can be settled in nice and smoother ways, not by scolding and saying bad words to your own classmates.
and now look what you've done???!
you dont have to pretend that you're so fucking good in front of the lecturer padahal kau mmg mcm biatch.
idk why but now im starting to hate you even more. and yea,i'm ignoring you.
kau pon perasan kan

nice advice from me,gojes;
-go and seek for miss ****'s apology.
thats what i hope from you
(kire baik aku still panggil kau kawan aku kot?)

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  1. hey holla...

    hows ur life?
    sick being msu kid?
    wtf with dat gojes?

    Btw u gna no mane?
    i text u but doesnt have any respon...
    see u till next...



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