Tuesday, May 12, 2009

my perfect body will be like..

there was this guy i know from somewhere,tak ingat,just asked me these weird question."jiher,if let say you got to choose your own body parts, u nak pilih those things from who?"
without any doubt,i replied as follow:

-eyes like Emma Watson's
-lips like Drew Barrymore's
-neck like Jennifer Lopez's
-ears like Emma Roberts'
-hair like Leighton Meester's
-boobs like Pamela Anderson
-hips like Britney Spears'
-buttock like Blake Lively's
-legs like Paris Hilton's

then he said,seriously Jiher,if you have their pody parts sume ni,you'll be in a full of celebrity.and awal2 i dah flirt u!haha

(its so stupid sbb letak this thing kat blog kan?:) )


thank you for dropping comments ;)