Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm back

Hi! So, yeah, i’m blogging again. Well, its been ages since I last typed on this lame blog of mine. When was my last post? Oh yeah, June, its been 2 months actually. So anyways, there have been some dramas here and there, so to prevent me from pouring every things out, I prefer to stop blogging for a while. Before I scare every ones out, there MIGHT be some new characters in the new chapter, in case you don’t know. Some bit changes here and there, no big deal. Okay, i’m talking crap now so just shut.

So now, its Ramadhan, and nearly EVERYONE is getting excited of Raya, even though they have to wait for like 30 days to celebrate to that day. This year’s Ramadhan has not been the best for me, yet, but i think its getting better. My mum was very excited on getting new clothes for Hari Raya, and my friends were pretty much talking about their hometown and stuff. Meanwhile, I am busy tracking for a new house to rent. Why? Because I was being chased out by the owner of my current rent house because of some stupid and unreasonable reasons. No details, thank you. So, he, the owner, wants me and my roommate to be out of the house by the end of this month. Sounds mean huh? yeah, yeah, go and laugh, no big deal. I’m fine with that.

So, lets talk about Mid semester exam that happened a week ago. Its sucks, really sucks. There was this one paper, which was really tough, and everyone was trying so hard to understand the notes given, and there were even some of them who made extra research on the subject. But guess what, only 2/5 questions that were familiar to us, i mean, its KINDA in the notes, but the rest of them were BULLSHIT. ANDDDD! Each of the questions have unreasonable marks, like this one question, with 40marks. ONE QUESTION WITH 40 MARKS. Okay, i am so gonna die.

Okay! So this is a lot, i think. Don’t wanna spill too much of information :P


  1. chill babe. raye ni enjoy puas2 .AHAHA

  2. hahaha. dia dah mai blogging balik daaahhh....


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